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Sentosa ( to Senoko (SAF Yatch Club)

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Hi, I shared this thread in 2015. Sorry did have time to reply then. Yes the route was quite straight. Recee and planned it several weeks ahead.

1. 530am. Took a taxi to Tanjong Beach . Walked to the Tj Beach circle just at the condo back gate. Locked the Garmin.
Started my way out.
2. After Vivo turn right into Telok Blangah. Up the slopes them Lower Delta.
3. Lower Delta (toiler break at Esso or drinks), River Valley road then left into Paterson, Orchard, Scotts Road.
4. Be careful crossing at Newton Circus, Newton Rd pass Royal Hotel.
5. At Novena junction to left into Thomson Road. Slopes up and then down. SPC Station drink stop.
6. Pass Thomson Medical onwards to Whitley under the PIE, Far East Flora.
7. Slide left to MacRitchie Res. then right into Upp Thomson Road. West Lake estate.
8. Upp Thomson Road, lots of MRT construction, but cement paths are well lit.
9. This part is at 13km mark. Mostly uphill for the next 5-6km. Thomson Plaza, SICC, Venus Drive.
10. Some friendly down slopes with greens on the left. then climb again at Lower Pierce.
11. Passing Casuarina Roti Prata, YCK junction is the peak and then drop.
12. Up and down path all the way to Springleaf. (stop at petrol stations for drinks)
13. Ampang Yong Tau Fu, then slide right into Sebawang Road.
14. Pass Mandai Junction. Sembawang Golf Course then Nee Soon camp.
15. Straight on Chong Pang Estate. (if thirsty stop by for a Pocari)
16. Gambas Ave and Yishun Ave 7 junction, straight
17. Sembawang Shopping Center... here comes the tricky part.
18. Straight into Canberra Road. new HDB estates surrounds you.
19 Straight on and slight curve to the right... you will see Admiralty Lane. Bare open and hot at that time. Empty land. 400m of this.
20. Come to Sembawang Drive. Take right towards north. Almost there.
21. Next junction Admiralty Rd West. Cross over and take left.  You will see a shabby looking SAF Yatch club boat.
22. The public road next to Sembawang Camp. 300m to finish. Run in.
23. You will see the public car park. There is a gate into the restaurant inside the SAF Yatch club. (Security is not tight) say you need to use toilet.
24.  Not finished until you go to the boat ramp and touch the water in the Johor Straits. Enjoy the view. You did it!
25. Have a drink at the Restaurant. Call a cab! ... 30.6km!

1. Camelpak. 500ml.
2. Phone (w Google map downloaded easier)
3. Shirt and towel to change at the end
4. Energy gel, salts.
5. Money $30, NRIC.

Try it. Enjoy.

1876641138_SentosatoSenoko30km.JPG.b45b4ab14e4689f15ff37d58dec6ddb5.JPGSentosa Tanjong Beach roundabout (condo back gate).JPGStart

SAF Yatch Club.JPGFinish

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    • Bro -  sounds like you B****ing for the sake of it. It is clearly stated as a no frills event with a low price however there will be clear support to ensure runners have hydration and some food. The organisers have run in events so they would be pretty blur if they screwed around with providing hydration. It's also in ECP. So there are regular bathrooms.

      There was once a story of an army guy who had his maid carry his bag for him....  :p
    • I just read this https://www.challenge32.runpilgrim.com/faq I find this race a bit funny...They literally use "SCM" branding to advertise thats its a good tune up for SCM. SCM may sue them for using their branding to advertise their race. Its the only race that dare to use another race to advertise their race. Weird... They use words like...Hmm, if u dun want, then ok loh type of feeling. (U dun want the tee, just write in hor). Also paper cup not much..etc, The whole feel is like cheapo cheapo feeling. Baggage u all might as well dun need also feel. Comm'on lah..Might as well dun provide anything..we run ? Since u everything also dun want this, dun what that. What do u mean by <<Hard-pressed to put together a last-minute event upon understanding that the annual Newton Challenge may not be happening, >> ?? Actually U hardpress is your business, we runners wants a good and proper race ! Even Newton challenge may not be happening, dun sound like oh...just suka suka come up with a race similar to Newton. Newton challenge may not be happening, does'nt mean u just form up a last min race to entertain us also. Its perfectly ok to have a new race that offer long distance also, why keep emphasizing newton run dun happen so just suka suka hardpress to have one. Why hardpress ???   I dun know lah..i have some trust issues with this race and may not sign up.  
    • I have read FAQ of this race. This event is a last minute due to the annual NC most probably not happening.  Plus Newton threw it's weight behind this event by being one of the sponsor.  Do take note that those who wants to deposit their bags will need to pay $5 during race pack collection.  https://www.challenge32.runpilgrim.com/faq  
    • Hard-level will involve climbing and going downhill of steep mountains with high elevation, running through dense forestation, getting yourself wet from running cross small streams, getting lost due to poor visibility from fog etc. Of course not in Singapore, but overseas.
    • Hard-level will involve climbing and going downhill of steep mountains with high elevation, running through dense forestation, getting yourself wet from running cross small streams, getting lost due to poor visibility from fog etc. Of course not in Singapore, but overseas.