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Lady Ice

Events are changing around the world & Why You Need to Up Your Game

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Am happy to say that change is happening in all running events around the world. As some of you know, this has been my personal campaign since 2006. Some of you here think that going  "green" is a backward step as it means an "inconvenience to you" + a reduction in "free stuff" (often stuff that we don't need) such as marathons turning to e-goody bags or going cupless so you have to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and/or Bring Your Own Bag.

Hope to help you all understand why those changes are necessary so that you will be prepared for all event organisers to play their part.

1. Litter kills - it is estimated over 100,000 marine animals & 1 million birds are killed each year from litter

2. Single-use plastic is screwing our environments - instantly seen in our seas, but also in our landfills as well as the toxins that are released when we burn the stuff. We can't even recycle the stuff (most countries recycle plastic at 30%, Singapore is at 7%). Plastics are known to be hormone disruptors which is screwing with the reproductive systems of our marine life.

3. And if you still think your personal time is more important then perhaps you can try to realign your personal perceptions to the word "performance" to include  the way you treat others and the environment which has a lasting impression for all societies and generations to come:

Remember the priority of event organisers is to look after your safety by always ensuring you have enough hydration and looked after throughout the event

Thank you to everyone who has read this post and has created change in their life to reduce the usage of single-use / disposable products like bottles/cups/cutlery etc

Thank you when you hold onto your cup or empty gel pack and responsibly put it in the bin

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Super excited to read that 23 cities have signed up to go zero waste which also means reduce or ban single-use and non-recyclable plastics and other materials.


Currently working with Nice marathon forming a 3 year plan to go cupless. So if you want to do this event and want a cup, better do it soon

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