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A Team Audio

Earphones: AfterShokz / Soul

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Hello Runners! We are A Team Audio Dealers and we are here to bring you some product that is good for running: 

Brand, Model & product specs: 

1) Soul: ST-XS (https://sg.soulelectronics.com/products/st-xs-superior-high-performance-true-wireless-earphones)

2) Soul: X-Shock (https://sg.soulelectronics.com/products/x-shock-bluetooth-true-wireless-earphones)

3) AfterShokz: Trekz Air (https://aftershokz.com/collections/wireless/products/trekz-air)

4) AfterShokz: Trekz Titanium (https://aftershokz.com/products/trekz-titanium)

*See Attached image

Quick Summary of the Product & Our Service:

1) All these products are local units & comes with Local Warranty, 1-for-1 Exchange

2) We do free delivery down to your workplace or door steps 

3) We have Referral Cash rebate programs.

Feel free to ask us any question about the product.

Interested to get one of these product? Do contact us through Carousell: https://carousell.com/ateamaudio/

Or Email us at ateamaudiosales@gmail.com

Looking forward to serve you guys! 

Serving Happiness,

A Team Audio





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On 12/1/2018 at 1:28 PM, zamakliss said:

Dude put them on after your helmet is on .Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher.. they will be outside you back strap and there will be no pressure ... I wear glasses full time and sunglasses fishing and no problem with fitting on the ear ...

Thanks. Did you have any effect after a while. I mean after hearing. Few of my friends say they used to have lil strain( just for few days of buying). Now they are comfortable.

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