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Arrowhead 135

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If any of you masochist are looking for an adventure and a hard time in a harsh environment, here is the start of my write up for Arrowhead 135:


Some background: It is a 135 mile event that has to be completed within a 60 hour limit

You can run, bike or ski. Temperatures can go down to -50 degs C as it did in 2014 and bit my fingers. 

It is held at the end of January as this typically has the worst weather, starting at International Falls. This is a town on the US/Canadian border . It is also known as killer frost falls but not to put off visitors, it is also known as the Icebox of the Nation. The route is along a snowmobile trail. The first 10 miles is straight and boring and then becomes more interesting when it turns onto the Arrowhead Trail. It is very reasonably priced compared to other snow and ice ultras at $200 USD. You are expected to carry all your own survival gear and there are only 3 checkpoints along the entire route.

The right gear is important for your own safety. The official website is here: http://www.arrowheadultra.com/

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Things could have been a lot worst if I had not experienced frostbite in 2014. Response and timing is key to ensure the self infliction does not result in a long uncertain period (about 10-12 weeks healing period) of whether you will keep a limb or not.

This is part 2 of dealing with people and the deadly cold over 72 miles



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    • Me personally think that China is up & coming regardless of road races or trail events ie. UTMB etc. We will definitely see more & more Chinese runners. Plus point that is their sporting culture much stronger than ours. Political reason we will see a China marathon becomes one of WMM in the future & most like will be Chengdu Marathon. Rational Wanda Chairman's hometown is at Chengdu. Link:    SDM might not be known internationally but due to marketing efforts of previous owner HiVelocity, they have sold the idea of "Largest Night Race in Asia" to this region ie. China, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. So definitely if any runner is talking of night race, SDM will come in the picture & not clone like Bangkok Midnight Marathon. Of course SDM has much to improve as compared to SCSM & cut down silly mistakes like Water Not Enough. If not,  it will be like what you said Sleep Forever.
    • uncle ran on Nike Vaporfly running shoes     that comfortable feeling is the feather-lightness of the thickness of soles and carbon fibre plate... waterproof material wraps round feet...don't need to wear socks...almost feel "five-finger" wrap round legs...except sole is no longer Vibram. racing responsiveness indeed...running feet are charged for PB anytime... depending on individual runner's efficiency in his/her running gait, wear and tear of soles taken into consideration depending on the run terrain ...lifespan of 400km+  I seriously don't see why the shoe should be banned. Make no sense at all. If technology can improve one's timing or feel good factor, it should be allowed in my opinion. If technology in run can make runners feel runner's high all the time by running more efficient..why banned? ...maybe only for the Elite Runners for good Sportsmanship. 😀 More on Nike Vaporfly...             Note: uncle is not sponsored by Nike, nor brands like New Balance, Asics, Adidas...uncle is a barefoot minimalist..and uncle just "thrown" out Five-Fingers Vibram due to wear and tear and spring cleaning for the Lunar New Year...😁
    • Marathon: 12 Tips for Success (info: https://blog.strava.com/marathon-success-tips-18847/)        
    • China - will 'marathon fever' continue? Our other WMM Major Candidate for 2021/2022 (info - https://www.shine.cn/sport/2001079314/)     Bro, i don't think SDM will die out. I felt SDM has become a branding on it's own over the years. A truly "Sleep Can Wait" event that runners ran unearthly hours over the years. Branding of Marathon event must attract Strong Local Runner and especially International runners. It must also innovate with technology. Otherwise, a truly "Sleep Can Wait" event will "Sleep Forever or RIP". SDM has yet to be known as "branded" internationally (being certified), except it has being known as "Water Not Enough" Singapore Marathon.  July - August (Summer months) there are many available slots for SCSM to be considered for 2021 The humidity in May - August has been always high (a minus for any endurance run) and often the date clash with the Muslim Ramadan and Hari Raya (a minus for muslim runners who may come from the region like Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia). May/June is the Inter Monsoon Season and there is possibility of "stormy-thunder lighting weather". Of course, this will more than likely sound the death knell for SDM unless it does the smart thing and shift to the end of the year. SDM has yet reinvented itself as "Sun Rise" Day Marathon and that also can be a death knell for SDM. Unlike SCSM - Day or Evening or Night Marathon option is always there.
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