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If any of you masochist are looking for an adventure and a hard time in a harsh environment, here is the start of my write up for Arrowhead 135:


Some background: It is a 135 mile event that has to be completed within a 60 hour limit

You can run, bike or ski. Temperatures can go down to -50 degs C as it did in 2014 and bit my fingers. 

It is held at the end of January as this typically has the worst weather, starting at International Falls. This is a town on the US/Canadian border . It is also known as killer frost falls but not to put off visitors, it is also known as the Icebox of the Nation. The route is along a snowmobile trail. The first 10 miles is straight and boring and then becomes more interesting when it turns onto the Arrowhead Trail. It is very reasonably priced compared to other snow and ice ultras at $200 USD. You are expected to carry all your own survival gear and there are only 3 checkpoints along the entire route.

The right gear is important for your own safety. The official website is here: http://www.arrowheadultra.com/

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Things could have been a lot worst if I had not experienced frostbite in 2014. Response and timing is key to ensure the self infliction does not result in a long uncertain period (about 10-12 weeks healing period) of whether you will keep a limb or not.

This is part 2 of dealing with people and the deadly cold over 72 miles



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    • This is not the first time I had joined a race organised by Tampines Central CSC. But in many ways, this is probably the worse I had attended. Not that it's very badly organised but given the breadth of experience Tampines Central CSC has in organising races, you expect them to put on a better show and take care of some very basic things.  #1 Very poor pre-race communications. Near zero participant interaction at event Facebook page. #2 No event guide. No race program.  #3 No cup at hydration points. 500ml water bottle handed out to runners needing a drink. #4 No baggage deposit service.  #1 peeves me the most. For goodness sake, if you want to maintain a public FB page, pls have someone to respond to questions and queries and interact with participants. If not, why even bother? A lot of questions left on the FB page were just left unanswered and many who signed up were clueless about basic things like race pack collection details, flag off time, race route etc. Race Pack Collection details were posted 1 day before the actual collection. Race routes were only posted on 23 Feb. #2 is not a show stopper but you expect basic things like race route, water points details, flag off times to be available with the race pack. I am sure many of those who signed up does not even know that there was a lucky draw (even though it was printed on the poster). MC did a good job in reminding everyone about it though. #3 Again basic stuff. I had seen other races when this is done when hydration runs out for the slower runners and a lot of runners just chunked the whole bottle away after taking just a few mouthful. Very wasteful! Thankfully, this did not happen. Probably because the number is small and the runners who joined this race are more considerate and gracious.  I took a bottle at the first water point and run with the bottle for almost the entire race. It's not the most fun thing to do. I mean if I want to run with a water bottle, I would have brought along my hydration belt. I do not think it's unreasonable to expect races to provide runners with cups at hydration points (BYOB races exception of cos). The more I think about it, I think the decision to give a whole bottle to runners was probably deliberate in an effort to reduce littering on the race route. In that aspect, it works because I think I only see one bottle of water being discarded carelessly. And of cos, no cups used at hydration points means no cup litters to worry about.  If my suspicion is correct, then perhaps the CSC can think about sourcing for smaller bottles of water instead (250ml bottle). It's easier to run with a smaller bottle and there is probably less wastage.  #4 is a major inconvenience especially as this is one of the items those who signed up for races would consider as 'basic service'. Of cos, it is the race organiser's prerogative not to provide such a basic service as long as it is made clear to potential participants before they signed up for the race. I only found out about this 3 days before the race and I had to adjust my plan. I cannot imagine what would have happened if I had turned up for the race with my usual backpack. I would have to run with it for the whole race! I wondered how many people were caught off guard by the 'no baggage deposit' service. Probably quite a few from my observations. The above are areas for improvement for the next race - Coney Island National Day Run. I hope Melvin (Vice-Chariman of Tampines Central CSC?) can take note. Overall, it's a decent race experience because of the relatively small number of runners and the always enthusiastic volunteers. For a group of part-timers (?), they definitely do a better job than XE (then again, XE is a joke and kind of a low bar). Personally, I still think they do a better job than some so-called professional event organiser (no names but you probably can guess who I am referring to! ) 
    • If you go for the non-competitive 10km then you still get medal + finisher tshirt + singlet and it comes at $49.50 per race for bundle. sounds quite reasonable no? personallu i don't care about the timing, I use my own app anyway for timing haha
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    • Marketing or planning? If marketing then I don't understand why it will take a few years. Planning takes time but also no need that long bah. I doubt it will turn into a night race anytime soon. Logistics are more challenging to manage and so far Ironman have not proven itself to be able to handle them well yet.  
    • Hows things there bro. Hope the weather is good and you will be able to get your PB tomorrow... good luck and have a good race.. enjoy the marathon major !!