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Lady Ice

SCSM Runners Need Your Help

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Hi All who are doing the Singapore Marathon. The Ironman organisation has given us a unique opportunity to see if we can begin to harmonise this mass event with our environment by reducing the amount of "run away" trash.


To encourage SCSM runners to put their trash in the bins, we need you to print and wear this sign on your back.


Grateful to all sgrunners who do this.


We will be also looking to repurpose the trash generated to reduce landfill waste:

- The Banana skins will be repurposed to community gardens for composting
- We are hunting for someone or an organisation to repurpose the plastic bottles and cups (there will be an estimated 400,000 cups and 80,000 x 1 litre bottles)

This is great opportunity for our marathon to be a "clean" marathon


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19 minutes ago, Arvin Tunas said:

Any suggestion how to attach it? Print it out and put it in a plastic ziplock?

That would be perfect.

Alternatives would be to print and use the plastic bag the t-shirt comes in and use safety pins to pin to shirt.

Thank you so much for your help :thumbsup:

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All those who will be helping out with this initiative, please PM me with your full name and which event you will be entering so i can put you on my "heros" list + your bib number when you know it.....also because you are potentially marking a change in the way mass events are being run. So it's also a documentation.

Many thanks :D

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Print it or draw it on recycled paper, put it in a plastic sleeve such as the plastic bag that your t-shirt will come in and pin to the back of your shirt :)

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