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Top Chan

TransLantau 2018 - Fri March 2nd - March 4th

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Registration process for TransLantau March 2nd-4th 2018:

1- Elite registration 100km and 50km: October 2-5, 2017

Participants with an ITRA score >= 700 for men and >= 600 for women can benefit an automatic entry.

Check your ITRA score: http://www.i-tra.org/

2- Pre-registration for ballot 100km and 50km (no duplicate registration allowed): October 2-5, 2017. Results of the ballot will be announced on October 11, 2017. Successful applicants will need to pay their registration before 23:00 on October 19, 2017. Non-paid registrations will be considered forfeit and released to participants on the waiting list.

3- Registration 25km: October 24, 2017 on first come first served basis (no ballot).



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On 10/4/2017 at 10:15 AM, beast said:

Wow... Didn;'t know Lantau need balloting now... Is this the first year this balloting is happening?

Yes. Translantau is a very HOT trail race in HK. YOU SHOULD DO IT.

I have been selected to run.



Dear Chan CW

We are pleased to inform that you have been selected to participate to the next Translantau edition.

Please sign-up with the link below before 23:00,  2017 October 20 to complete your registration.

Password: ATA12345

The password is unique and can be used only one time.

Translantau team

Copyright © 2017 Asia Sport Connection Ltd., All rights reserved. 
You register to the ballot for Translantau 





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3 hours ago, Top Chan said:

Yes. Translantau is a very HOT trail race in HK. YOU SHOULD DO IT.


I know its very popular but didn't know they needed balloting till this year........

Thinking of trying the 25km but already had other plans next year...

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On 2/2/2018 at 11:48 AM, forestgump said:

hi, dunno if this is the right place for this but i letting go of my 100k slot, anyone interested, pls let me know

Sgrunners.com is not the place for you to let go your bib. You should go to facebook. There are some international ultra runners miss the opportunity  to register the 100km race. You can try on it.

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Hot andd humid weather, a lot of good runners slow down their running. 

A lot of 100km runners cannot met their cut of time at CP2[4am] and CP3 [6:15am], which withdrew by the volunteers, the Lantau organisers are so strict.....and within 6 hours 45 mins, runners need to complete 30km, although more time are given.

The registration fee is damn expensive, and some Malaysian runners was sad being dnf by the organiser. Actually, in my opinion, we no need to pay to run the Lantau trail with the stupid organiser restriction at all the checkpoints. We can fly to HK, we can do our hiking and jogging of the Lantau trail, we will enjoy more rather than rushing to the checkpoints. In addtion, food and beverages provided at all the checkpoints are damn lousy....coffee and tea (no sugar) not sweet, porridges was damn watery, instant noodles was not hot.....etc.

Lantau sceneries are beautiful.....doing a Lantau 100km are not enjoying because we need to meet their cut off time.

If you want to do a 100km Lantau trail, make sure yourself are fit enough to conquer the slopes (Elevation 5800m) before signing up rather than kpkb after the race... 

This year, 2018 Translantau is the toughest race in HK......only 56% completed the race.


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A beautiful sharing from Azlan (DNF).......to show how tough was the TransLantau100km 2018. (at least You have something to show us in Singapore that your trail running experiences in Lantau 100km).

Neo Lay Ping, another experienced Singapore trail runner gave up and declared DNF too, although she completed Translantau 100km in 2017.

Thanks Azlan for sharing his TransLantau 100km experience to all the trail runners.

No pain No Gain. Don't give up easily. Come back stronger next year 2019. Endurance Athlete, WAA Ambassador.  You can do sub 20 easily with all your well equipment and training.


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