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Menstrual cramps and IBS

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Hey, I am an IBS-D patient. I am in my mid 40's and is going through the menopause phase right now. I have noted that my IBS becomes worse during the periods. In fact, I feel like I spent 50% of the time in the bathroom.

I usually take Advil for menstrual cramps, but it is not that effective. I use Immodium and Gas-X while I am on my period. I am sick of having to use these much medicines. After having these heavily dozed medicines, I experience dizziness, heart palpitations, anxiety and weakness. I will get heavy loose motions, along with dehydration. This lowers my blood pressure. In short, this IBS problem is worsening my health. When I consulted a doctor for this issue, he gave me Sopasotories, which was not effective. I had multiple blood and stool tests, and even tons of exams and X-rays.

A friend of mine asked me to undergo a food sensitivity test from Toronto in order to identify whether I am allergic to any particular food items. Do any of you have suggestions that can help me to get through the period when the IBS symptoms are worse?

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