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Tips for a new runner?

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So I'm new in this activity called running, all weekends I get up in the morning, I have breakfast and then I go for a run, I've been doing this for one month now, and I want to know if anyone can give me advice and tips on how to run better, faster and running in general, I'm also a soccer player, so I imagine running is going to help me out, I will have a better condition, and I will learn how to breathe. So it would be nice to hear advice from you guys.




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That's a pretty difficult question to answer; Quote: "I want to know if anyone can give me advice and tips on how to run better, faster and running in general"...

First of all, you must understand that one does not suddenly gains endurance overnight from a single training, similar to soccer. To put that in perspective, everyone is different too. Some people trains for 2 weeks and can achieve Gold in IPPT(fitness test) while others need to train 3 months to obtain a Pass. it takes time to build up the endurance in a runner. Many will ditch away this "patience draining" sport once they feel that they don't see vast improvement after 1 month.

So just stick to running consistently. Do you have any objective in mind, like planning for a race with a rough timing? if unsure about how to go about doing it, I can guide you along on this.

Lastly, to be faster, it takes many kinds of training to be in place. as the saying goes, you need to train at that pace to know how to race at that pace but of course not all the time.

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    • We can give you kudos   No worries @kohpapa - me too will exit as been spending way too much time on social media Seems like have been more like the doomsday person..... but it is certain we must all continue to respect social distancing, wear masks when in confined spaces (I know Sg is different) like public transport to protect others..... or we go for herd immunity. If you want to see what that is looking like, check out Brazil. It is very sad that Bolsonaro is happy to sacrifice the poor and the indigenous people who will have no immunity (there was one tribe that was badly affected with the common cold). The indigenous people have been helping to protect the rain forest and illegal logging has increased in these times. For Bolsonaro, this means the virus can remove a people that was "blocking progression" and further exploitation of the Amazon. His only concern is the economy https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/30/south-america-indigenous-groups-coronavirus-brazil-colombia   FYI how a disease can affect a whole tribe: https://www.survivalinternational.org/articles/3132-tribal-people-health-interview-professor-stafford-lightman
    • Have tried running with a mask a little, but found it impedes taking in air if doing a hard run.  Have instead been giving people a 10 metre distance as well as running when there are fewer people outside (the dinner or lunch hour). Though do note we might have to get used to running with a mask. Have been attending some seminars with run organisers (NYC, Chicago, Berlin, Singapore, etc) around the world who are toying with the idea to ask people to wear a mask in their events.... I'll try to write  a blog post to update every one of further thoughts.  Interesting that runnersworld have picked that up as well (thanks for the link @RaijinFJ)
    • I do. The authorities in Singapore are a bit more enlightened- you’re exempt from wearing one during strenuous exercise, provided you run solo, but here we have to wear one at all times. I know its probably not effective compared to a medical grade mask, but if it reduces the risk by even just 3-5%, that matters. Besides, medical grade masks should be reserved for medical staff only. I know other members have already posted Youtube videos in other threads about the guy who recorded a 10k run in his government issued mask, but I’ll also share my notes/observations if it may help other runners.   First of all, running in a mask is hard.   I’ve experimented with different types. I tried plain cotton, and even sacrificed an old race shirt for its technical fabric to craft a mask, but the results were the same. The moment it gets wet, it’s almost impossible to breathe.   What I use now is what we call in some parts of the world as a “buff”. Something like a scarf/tube stocking you slip on your neck and pull up to cover your mouth & nose. Most pictures on the internet are connected to commercial websites (and I’m not indorsing brands or selling products) but if you Google “buff mask” and select “images” from Google Search, you’ll come up with something like this so you can see what I’m talking about: https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=buff+mask&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi19aiO-c7pAhVPyYsBHQlFBSsQ_AUoAXoECAsQAw&biw=1366&bih=625   It’s the same though. The moment it gets wet with sweat or moisture from your breathing, it will impair the airflow so it gets hard to breathe, but I prefer it as it seems less restricting than a standard ear loop mask. It offers some sun protection too. Its fine during the first 20-30 min (around 5km) but beyond that, it gets progressively harder as it gets more and more damp. The sun overhead and the 32C heat here doesn’t help either. (I know its hot in Singapore too)   On one 25k long run, whenever I’d try to push the pace faster than 6 min/km (race pace for a slowpoke like me) I notice my heart rate goes up and I really struggle as my breathing gets heavier, but I can’t maintain the pace because it’s like breathing on a run through just one nostril.   I know this is contrary to what legendary coach Arthur Lydiard taught when he said: “Breathe through your mouth. Breathe through your nose. Suck the air in through your ears if you can!” but we didn’t have a pandemic at the time.   While there was also a report about a runner that died from a collapsed lung running in a mask in China, I’m pretty sure he had some other preexisting health condition. The stress from running in a mask probably just aggravated it, or he was just some novice who simply ignored the warning signals and still pushed too hard. Whether grizzled veteran or new runner, we must never forget the cardinal rule to always listen to our bodies.   My humble suggestion as a fellow runner is to experiment with what works for you. This is not the “new normal” as most people say nowadays, I consider running with some sort of face covering as a necessary evil for the time being, a “temporary normal” until a vaccine to this plague can be found.   What I’m going to experiment on now is bringing along 3-4 buffs in a pocket or tucked in a running belt, wrapped in plastic (to keep them dry) and changing into a fresh buff every 8-10k. That should be enough to last a marathon, but it just seems so tedious. This virus is really a royal pain… By the way, I'll also share a link to an article in Runners World (if it's allowed in this forum. Admins., kindly edit if not) It seems pretty good:  https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a32380203/running-with-mask-impact-your-performance/ Hope to have helped.
    • yes, uncle ran with "cori" masks... reusable doesn't mean it is to be recycled for too many times after wash? Definitely, FOC "cori" issued is not really like the Trademark one...even after several washes...several is not unlimited...consumer one and not medical-related disposal...uncle understands if need to dispose after several washes, then better dispose lah...when, you start to smell funny...and after so many years of your life...finally you discovered your breadth really smell like s***....aiya..kidding with reasons...read on... It is absolutely, quite "unbreathable" for Strenous Exercise (Run) especially if the chosen route is on Pavement (shared with Bikers/Walkers) and not PCN. Stoppages and dodging...good if you need to master "Kung Fu" stunts and steps to avoid close "safe distancing" measures, then you must wear mask always is to protect all on the Pavement with social distancing. Great. Heavy breathing means you actually return the to the Clean Air (particles still stick to your breadth from your mouth) You Breathe Out...hopely you no Eat Mala Spicy Hot Food or Halal Rendang or Japanese Shuhi..before you do Exercise (Run)... Importance on Wearing Mask Always along Pavement is you are always in close contact in a narrow path, unlike PCN where you can practice Safe-Distancing like 2 metres (practice in UK by @Lady Ice), as for Uncle 3 metres. Every breadth you give out, there are lots of Bacteria (unless you are sure positive Virus named "Covid-19 Positive" is tested)...and you know Bad Breadth is caused by Bacteria, and not Covid-19 Postivie right? It is known, Covid-19 infection does let the host has the sensation of there is "no taste" after all...even tasting of lemon or lime is...what is that like nothing one...     Well, as uncle has been following strictly on the CB rules, wear Mask only if you are not Exercise (Run) on Not-A-PCN. Respecting the protocol, if forced to take Pavements (Not-A-PCN), then Exercise (Walk) and Wear Mask. Otherwise, Run (Exercise) without Mask. As for your "cori" mask durability question, are you currently Exercise (Run) daily?  Then, it all depends on your Diet. Maybe can practice Safe Mouth Hygiene before Run (Exercise)....hopefully not disinfectant..like someone respectfully said as "joke"...that one time activity (distinfectant) makes sure...uplorry for untested Covid-19 virus (negative) looking for a host or someone's life that has nothing to do Covid-19 in the first place..just want to Exercise (Run). Sad. Singaporeans to be given improved reusable masks in third nationwide mask distribution exercise (info - https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/singaporeans-to-be-given-improved-reusable-masks-in-third-nationwide-mask) Good news, looks more "cori"ed enough, don't you think so, from tomorrow onwards (26 May) for collection...vending machines. Btw, it is time to dispose that FOC "cori"ed First One, which uncle still have. Yes, only uncle knew how bad breadth uncle had for life. At least uncle has that sensation of "bad" smell, better than no sensation at all...meaning only one thing...Covid-19 kena...aiyo..don't say suay thing...pui pui...aiyo cannot spit...aiyo never wear mask....fine, jail or both. Wishes everyone are staying healthy and safe during this COVID-19 period.
    • I hope everyone are staying healthy and safe during this COVID-19 period. Just wondering if anybody is running with reusable mask during this period?  wore my government issued "cori" masks for my runs and had to replace it twice with the CB period.. They are indeed not very durable...
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