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Win the Opportunity to Try New Runners by BETA Testing Superble

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Hi guys,


Superble has just launched a BETA version of its app with the launch directed specifically for peeps who are fitness and running enthusiasts. The app allows you to make better purchasing decisions via real-time chats with others like you and me, to find out more about products that we are interested about and provide genuine reviews for them. By doing so, we are hoping that people will be more well-informed of the right type of shoe for their feet, and striking patterns, and thus prevent unnecessary sporting injuries. 


We are still ironing out a lot of details (UI UX, aesthetics, etc), so we would really appreciate it if you guys could give feedback on how we could improve on the design of Superble, and what are some features you like/dislike about it. Tell me anything, anything at all! I would be more than happy to hear any views about it! 


One selected winner will be chosen by Superble to try out the latest pair of runners that has yet been released. 


For android users, you can find the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superble, or under the name Superble- Free Discovery Chat.


For Apple users, the app is currently only available in Android version, so you can check it out at www.superble.com.



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