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Apple Watch 2 (AW2) with Nike+

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Hi Guys,

Just wanna write a review of the Apple Watch 2 (Nike+ Series), for the benefit of those who are about to fork out $500 for the device. X'mas season right? read this before you do. I got it a week ago. After being seduced by slick Ads and the "sexy" look of the watch, waterproof and all, i finally succumbed and bought it. Well it didn't really work straight out of the box. For 3 days I struggled to get it to work. Did all the research on the internet. Set all the settings. The native running app worked. MapMyRun (MMR) worked. But NRC+ app did not track. I thought I needed to bring the iPhone along. Well the iPhone NRC+ worked... by itself. The watch did not track. It kept telling "your distance is not tracked please yada yada yada. Scratching my head...it was a WTF moment! $500! WTF!. Then I figured it out. Uninstall and Reinstall everything. https://discussions.apple.com/message/31141070#message31141070. It finally worked.

Here's my review of it. I ran with AW2 on my left and Garmin 235 on my right hand. Clocked 8.45km.

1. Start/Stop - AW2 Nike+ app - Auto 3,2,1 Start or 9 seconds start and Just Start. It does not show GPS signals strength. Or if you are locked. Once you start running without a satellite lock you lose the first km of your run. Need a fix there. You see, you need the first stable set of GPS signal data and the rest is calculated relative to the last signal, thats how you get location, speed and direction. (Btw you need to acquire 4 satellite GPS pings before it is accurate). 

2. Screen and HUDisplay (NRC+ app) - Very "sexy". Great colors. Big Fonts. 5 stars there. But it shows up only on wrist turns. HR bpm is very small on top left. 
The Bad - screen cannot be customized. Only rotate between Dist, Time(Duration) and Pace. No Speed, no Last Lap. Screen is NOT customizable.
As for the rest of the native app and MMR, not so nice interface but functional.

3. GPS Tracking - the AW2 performed almost the same as the FR235. Tracking in open areas was better, while next to buildings, the lines then to swing. This is fine, given the GPS signal blockage. AW2 tracked 8.45km while the FR235 tracked 8.38km.

4. HR monitoring - this is where the difference is. AW2 measured my peak at 168bpm. While at the same time FR235 measured 155bpm. Started almost the same but as the rate increased, AW2 showed 5% faster.

5. Other accessory metrics - The AW2 does not have the HRM option. No Footpod. Only relies on the native GPS of the watch.

6. Strap - Very unconventional to put on. Very afraid to slip and drop the AW2.

In short, IMHO the serious runners will be disappointed with this watch. A lot of potential but they made it too simple. And it seems that Nike+ launched this in a hurry. Maybe it will get better in a few months. I will stick to my FR235 and FX3HR. Going to take it for a final test. Running on a threadmill. 

Happy Holidays and Safe Running to All.


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Looks like the AW2 is more for leisure runners who wants distance and pace to be stated... HR is additional "bonus" thus being slightly inaccurate might be fine for them... Great review !

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Hi It's me again,

Just did a 5K Indoor. Nike+ can connect with Garmin Connect.... hmmm good.
1. Left hand - Apple Watch only
2. Right hand - FR235 + Chest HR + Footpod.
I take it that the FR gives the closer readings. (calibrated it on a stadium track)
Distance about 360m off. 5-6%.
The red line is the HR readings. Almost the same.
Pace green line - the FR235 w footpod tracks it more distinctly, while the AW2 graph is flatter.

I know, who really cares about all these right?... look nice Ok already. Wrong. If I am going to pay $500 for AW2, they better get it right, just like the iPhone.



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Thanks Lokey for your simpler version of a DC Rainmaker review of the Apple Watch 2 (Nike+ Series) :D

If the difference is 5 to 6%, that is quite unacceptable by standard. So this AW2 still has lots of improvement and hope it has software & firmware updates like Garmin GPS watches to further improve features and interfaces, or else it is a big pity for AW2.

Sidetrack a bit, I was looking at DC Rainmaker testing of sport devices GPS accuracy  (part 1 review at https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2010/11/sport-device-gps-accuracy-in-depth-part.html  & part 2: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2010/11/sport-device-gps-accuracy-in-depth-part_11.html )

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The difference in distance translate to a difference in pace... a pace of 7:06 vs 6:38 is too much of a difference... imagine a 5hr marathon vs 4hr 40mins finishing time...

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