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overhydrate or dehydrate

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1 hour ago, trailblazer said:

kohpapa is correct. Majority of the runners are astonishingly averse to improving running technique (this includes elite runners as well) and the proper sequence to improving running is actually technique --> base/volume --> speed.

I will talk more about this in the Chi running vs forward running thread as this is on hydration topic. Before I forget, there is a book written by the running expert Dr Tim Noakes (author of Lore of Running) which talks about overhydration. Book title is "waterlogged" which examines the science of hydration and how to prevent fatalities from it. Book details at http://www.humankinetics.com/products/all-products/waterlogged

was introduced about this book as well when I experienced similar symptoms in 2014 SCMS... i felt nausea and body felt weak... keep walking and felt very warm and thirsty so kept drinking water... that's where the prob lies.... but didnt have chance to read up in depth about this book..

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On 06/12/2016 at 1:11 AM, s35824 said:

seems like i need to plan for electrolytes intake for long runs....ya and more long runs i will need to know how much i need to take venapro  ..thanks kohpapa and AutumnRunner for your sharing. 

There are some good electrolyte supplements you can take.

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    • there's no point getting the medal / finisher tee when runners didnt even get to complete their race
    • This road restriction would definitely affect those who are in the 2nd/3rd wave and those on the brink of running about 2:20-2:30hrs HM taking into consideration that each wave might be flagged off at 10mins apart... looking at the route, the 21km mark should be near to the barrage area. So it could be that the diverted runners would not run the entire city route towards MBS or they make a U-turn back to ECP to complete some of the remaining distance or they would U-turn back while running past garden by the bay which is still within the PCN... unsure yet, I think all would know that day and I am sure there will be runners who feedback these vigorously on their social media pages after the race...
    • This is one of those instances where I think Pink Apple is doing a bad job in terms of planning. Of course, we understand that there's restriction in terms of road closure etc which may be why it's necessary to have the diversion point in the first place. Still, regardless of the reasons, the onus is on Pink Apple to come up with a 'diverted' route that does not prejudice the slower runners. The diverted route should not be shorter and hence disqualified the runners who do not reach the diversion point by the cut off time. Slower runners should not be disqualified at the organisational convenience of Pink Apple. Of course, there will be some who may argue that those who cannot complete an HM in 2h 45m has no business attempting the 32K but the point is moot. If the intended pace is indeed meant to be sub 7.8 min/k then the cut off time should have been adjusted accordingly and highlighted so that potential participants can make an informed choice.  We also need to remember that the 2h45m cut off applies for those who start in the first wave (typically the faster runner who will have no problem meeting the cut off). For the slower runners that start in the subsequent waves, they will have lesser time to reach the diversion point by 0745 hrs. Also, for those who are diverted and run a shorter course, I dun think they will be very happy to be shortchanged or to wear a polo finisher proclaiming them to be '32.195 km Finisher' when they did not run that distance. The difference must be significant enough for the diverted runners to be excluded from ranking.  Ultimately the biggest mystery is the absence of such an arrangement last yr. 
    • Went to their facebook page and someone has indeed raised the question regarding the diversion point, this is the official reply: Hi there, if you miss the cut off time for the diversion point, you will be disqualified in terms of ranking as your distance completed will be different from those who were not diverted. In this case, you will still receive your Medal and Finisher polo when you complete the race.

      However, if you miss the category cut off time of 6 hours to complete the entire race, you may not receive your Medal and Finisher polo. Hope this clarifies
    • I think diverted doesnt mean those who do not meet this timing will be disqualified, just need to take another route? Anyway, in this case, I guess I'll probably be one of them.  Edited: Just read the race booklet, it indeed means disqualified if reach this point later than 7.15am... zzZZZ.. Wondering if there is a mistake as the cut off timing is 6hours, meaning 3hours+ for the remaining 11km?