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This is so much better than the SCSM DQ contest. Hah.....:thumbsup:

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    • I think those who want to run better continue to do so when they can. CB is just another word for lockdown. The problem is the govt is so adverse to the word that it try to be creative with its term. Just like we call it 'Safe Distancing' instead of 'Social Distancing' but everyone knows it mean the same thing. Given the current trajectory, I would not be surprised if very soon, you would not even be allowed to go out for exercise or a walk. (Just like over the causeway)   
    • Great to see some sgrunners from Eastern SG and getting the needed workout today.  Good tips from kohpapa on safety distancing during exercise. I chose an industrial area with a park and saw less than five runners during today's morning run. Continue to stay safe and healthy here during this tough times.😷
    • ulu time and ulu routes...make sure don't run 3am - 5am...because "run" on sleep means..you bang to lamp posts while on Sleep mode... and also, encounter wild dogs means you have been "tracked" as food... run strong, and stay CB measures at all time...1m...even you are chased by wild dogs...maintained always at 1m...otherwise...fine or jail or both...😷  
    • Tampines ECo Park...being there..closer to Pasir Ris, further from Tampines Central, therefore...not crowded... Pasir Ris Industrial / Lorong Halus...wild dogs and boars...yes, encounter wild dogs...but wild boars? seen wild boars at lower piece reservior (old thomson road) and Pulau Ubin... maybe if want to see wild animals, surely Eng Neo Ave... this one is close to Turf Club Road...Bukit Timah...
    • yes, ran before... if continue with an overhead bridge (TPE) to pasir ris from Ikea tampines...you can go to pasir ris park...via api api river... uncle is familiar with your route..because Bedok Reservoir >>> Tampines Ave 10 >>> IKEA Tampines >>> Pasir Ris Park is our 10km Pit Stop...for Sundown Ultramarathon 100KM route... of course, Pasir Ris Rark to Changi Village via Loyang, that will be another 10KM Pit Stop... if given you should want a half-marathon route...then you should head to one of the Car Parks at Changi Beach Park... good to explore...but don't let mata Exercise Ambassador catch you...why your breach CB rule that says...run only at near your house...and they want to see your ID with address...then hope you explain why and not kena Fine or Jail or Both...don't play play...😷    
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