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What features are you using in GPS/HR watches?

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Would like to find out what features are normally used in GPS/HR Watches? 

Some features which I think would be useful would be:

1. Measuring Distance of course, you don't want to always run around stadium tracks

2. Heart Rate. I think a graph would be more useful to know the intensity you are running, say interval training or normal training 70% of target HR

3. Pace.

There are other features in those watches but I doubt we will frequently use them or use them at all. such as VO2 max function in Garmin 230/235

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Something which i personally like is the Cadence and stride length.. it gives me a feel if I am running at the correct posture and also how far a distance my legs can cover for each stride... some exercises can improve this so for those who are practicing it would need to know if they have improved....

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