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New Security Measures for Major Events

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Here is the link for the full story >>  Singapore moves to bolster counter-terrorism security measures



 ... rules will be introduced to require building owners and

organisers of major events

to implement security measures - such as CCTV systems that meet key technical standards and venue screening.

Mr Shanmugam acknowledged that the proposed increased security measures will increase building and operating costs, but said this 'unfortunately cannot be avoided. The terrorists have imposed multiple costs on society”.

He added: “There will be more inconvenience. We will all need to get used to more security and bag checks prior to entry. But I believe our people will understand and accept the need for these measures.”


I can imagine some races falling under the above definition of 'major events' like SCMS, AHM and SDM where the number of participants numbered in the ten of thousands. 

Of cos, it's hard to argue against more security measures. But the unfortunate knock-on effect is that the increased cost will inevitably be passed to participants. As it is, the ever increasing cost of some of the races is deterring some from signing up. How much the additional security measures will push up the cost of participation is still a matter of conjecture. So I guess we just have to wait and see how much we will be affected. 

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it was not mentioned in the article when this new implementation would start... these measures will definitely help on the overall security and safety of the event.... hope this will not be a time for organisers to start the "robbery" out of runner's pockets...

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