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CEBU50 Trail Ultramarathon

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Event Date: Saturday, 26 March 2016

Event Time: 0400 H / 4:00 AM

Race Information

The CEBU50 Trail Ultramarathon race will take the runners at a maximum elevation gain of 725 meters above sea level with a total ascent of approximately 815 meters. Flag-off will be in front of the Tap Tap Brgy Hall, Cebu Philippines. The route is a loop of approximately 18 Km. The race consists of three categories; 1 loop, 2 loops and 3 loops that is Mini, Intermediate and aspirant, respectively.

FINISH LINE will be at the front yard of Tap Tap Brgy Hall.



The CEBU50 Trail Ultramarathon is an undulating uphill and downhill run course. CEBU50 Trail Ultramarathon is a loop course, single stage and semi self-supporting 54 Km ultramarathon. The loop has a total ascent of over 800m ASL and a maximum elevation of over 700m. The loop course is undulating by at least 2 Km downhill /uphill. Entrants must have enough base elevation mileage to join the event. For Cebu local entrants, a comfortable run-jog-hike from JY Square to Cebu Zip line should suffice in your base (over 600m ASL in 8KM).

The run begins in the early morning hours, on the fourth Saturday of March at the front of Tap Tap Brgy Hall, Cebu Philippines.


Course Pointers

  • Start at the front of Tap Tap Brgy Hall. KM 0.
  • Run to Brgy Tagbao, mostly downhill and with a slight uphill towards the Brgy Hall. ~KM 4
  • Run towards Sitio Lubris at KM 5 and start the assault to Kampar Hill (approx 725m ASL) at KM 6 towards the peak. ~KM 5-6
  • Run over 2 Km downhill from the peak towards the river crossing (528m ASL). ~KM 8
  • Run over 2 Km uphill from the river crossing towards City Hall sa Bukid Bldg. ~KM 10.5
  • Run approximately 3 Km downhill towards the abandoned Brgy Tap Tap Elementary School. ~KM 13
  • Run further downhill, approximately 1 Km towards Sayaw creek (338m ASL). ~KM 14
  • Begin the slight assault towards Tagahitap Peak (approx over 700m ASL) and then run down towards Tap Tap Brgy Hall (642m ASL). ~KM 18

Rest, recover and repeat! :-)

For more event info, please visit the event website: 



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