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5 Common Myths About Running Shoes by Runner's World

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I came accross an interesting article by Runner's World. It's quite common for many out there, especially those who are new to running, asking what brand of running shoe is good. The quote below, which I got from the article, is normally how I answered:

"Running shoes are designed for different types of people, strides, feet, and types of running. What may be my “perfect” shoe (itself a myth, we’ll get to that latter), may be completely wrong for you. The very characteristics I like in a shoe may make it uncomfortable for you."

This is the proper question which we should ask:

“Would this shoe work for someone like me?”

For me, I never had any brand preference. I just wear what I felt is right. Personally, a $200 branded running shoe may not be as comfortable as an $80 shoe. It all depends on what shoe works for you.

The 5 common myths about shoes stated in the article:

  1. There is a best running shoe.
  2. All Nikes are created equal. (or Brooks, Asics, New Balances…)
  3. A shoe is a prescription.
  4. Monogamy is a virtue.
  5. Shoes can make you fast.

To read more, check it out at: http://www.runnersworld.com/the-shoe-room/5-common-myths-about-running-shoes

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