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Solid IPPT results

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Agree with both of you that passing the new IPPT is much easier but getting the monetary incentive is still tough if one doesn't maintain or work on the fitness level.

Good thing about the new IPPT is that if you are weak in one of the station, you can use the other two stations to make up for the points scored. Having said that, the 2.4km run still forms the heaviest bulk in scoring, as compared to 25 points in sit ups and push ups.

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so if one knows that they are weak in certain station, for eg: 2.4km,.... he can try to train up for the sit ups and push ups..... if one can excel in a certain station and get almost full marks for it (eg: sit up do about 40 plus and get 22pts) ..... another get average (eg: push ups do 30 and get about 18pts)...total u already 40 pts... just need 11 pts for 2.4km to pass ippt.... average about 15mins and above.... so this is the passing portion which I think is quite do-able....

BUT to go the extreme and get IPPT Gold, it is much more difficult.... there isn't really one station that can relax..... 2 stations must excel and only 1 can be average.... for eg: if can do 45 push ups and 45 situps, which requires a substantial amount of training to do it as well... u can get about 22pts each...total 44pts... so to get 85pts for Gold, need about 41pts and translate to average 10mins plus...

again all the above depends on age.... and what the examples I give is based on average end 20s and to mid 30s kinda age.... soooooooo one of the conclusion I draw from above is that it is easier to pass than the previous ippt setup (remarks from frens and colleagues) but seems about the same difficulty to get incentives (remarks from frens and colleagues too)....

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I do agree it is easier to pass the current IPPT now, but it is harder to get the Gold award. But one thing to note is that all the PTIs have their own standards in counting the no of reps for push-ups, some may be more lenient than others. The smarter ones will try to attempt the IPPTs only when the more lenient PTI is in charge. 

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On 2/27/2016 at 6:54 PM, wwwlimlim said:

Easier to pass, but harder to get Gold ?? me catch no ball.

Easier to pass, also easier to get Gold, right?



nope.... its different.... they have opened up a larger range to pass the IPPT... meaning one just have to mix and match to get a total score of 61 and above to pass.... in order to get gold it's 85 and above (exclude commandos and guards)... 85-61 = 24 points.... and if you remember, in order to gain 1 additional point for push up or sit up, need to do about 4 numbers of each.... as for 2.4km, one would need to run 10s faster to gain 1 point.... so if you calculate the numbers, 24 points can translate to the following...


1) 4mins faster in 2.4km than passing mark, keeping push up and sit up constant

2) 48 more push ups and 48 more situps than passing mark, while keeping 2.4km time constant

3) 2mins faster in 2.4km and 24 more push ups and sit ups than passing mark...


so if you do some quick math, the above to get gold, is actually difficult.....

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On ‎30‎/‎12‎/‎2015 at 6:14 PM, wwwlimlim said:

Again from hardwarezone, sic


Wow, 36pull up, 84 push up

This one good:

Friends are easy to find, but not real friend.
Real friend gives a PUSH, PULL during our tough times.

This one also good:

Strong people don't put others down, they lift them up !


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