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Caution before buying Garmin watches

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11 hours ago, socrates said:

Hello Autumn runner , my garmin fr220 strap just broke, do you know where I can it replaced and how much does it costs? thanks

I bought my replacement FR220 strap at the previous Orchard Central showroom (now relocated to Adelphi). Here is the Garmin Singapore distributor addresses and contact numbers for your reference at http://www.garmin.com.sg/buy/sg/distributor_singapore/

If I recalled correctly, the replacement strap costed about $40+.

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Emailed the Garmin Singapore distributors and was quoted $55 and $60 for the Fr220 replacement strap. In the end I found a replacement strap from taobao and had it shipped over by 65daigou.  Price of strap was $33 and $1.69 for shipping and it took only about 5 days to get here after I ordered. Huge savings and I would encourage anybody who needs a new strap to go get it from taobao.  even the garmin watches on sale there seems cheaper but I am not sure if that can be shipped to Singapore.

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Update to Garmin users. Changed of distributorship:




Notice of Product Support to Purchases from NaviCom


To Whom It May Concern:

Garmin Corporation (“Garmin”) would like to sincerely express our gratitude for the business we have established with NaviCom Technology Pte Ltd (“NaviCom”) thus far.

However, due to various factors, assessments as well as the expiration of distributor agreement between Garmin and NaviCom, both Garmin and NaviCom officially decided to discontinue the business partnership. The effective date is 15th January 2017. Upon this announcement, NaviCom will immediately cease all sales activities relating to Garmin’sProducts in Singapore.

In order to avoid any inconvenience arising from this, any purchase of Garmin products from NaviCom, you could contact below authorized distributors for any purchase inquiry or any service.

Consumer products:

Convergent Systems (S) Pte. Ltd.

9 Ubi Crescent, Singapore, 408572
For Sales inquiries: sales@convergent.com.sg
For Repair/ Warranty inquiries: rma@convergent.com.sg
Tel: +65 6337-0177 
Fax: +65 6336-2247

Handheld and Marine products:


50 Genting Lane #07-01, Cideco Ind Complex, Singapore, 349558
Tel: +65 6547-8801

Your kind understanding on this matter would be highly appreciated.




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This is probably related to the news is Garmin is taking back distributorship directly in South-East Asia.

SOURCE: Garmin Serious Expansion into South-east Asia with Singapore as Regional HQ  

Hopefully, this will be a positive development for consumers and we can look forward to better service. From all accounts, NaviCom seems only interested in selling and not bothering much with customer service and warranty issues. 


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I can still share a bad experience, unfortunately... buying a Forerunner watch in Australia, and trying to have it serviced in Singapore - only to be rebuked... I need to send it to Taiwan, and agree to a minimum charge of USD 180,-, including shipping !

How does this make sense, it is just pure customer-fraud !
I would rather ditch the broken watch and buy Polar, even though all my running-data is in Garmin Connect - than concede to this 90's business model of a supposedly global company !

Really unfortunate I need to rant about this, in 2017! 

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