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Running Holidays in beautiful Shuangxi.

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A new race will start on May 2th, 2015 in Shuangxi District, Taiwan.

Shuangxi is a really beautiful place and worth to go running or travel afterwards. As you can see from the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6bmMU97xU0

So I was wondering is there anyone who will want to give it a try??

Not only for running, also can experience Taiwan local culture 「Unique Roadside Banquets. It’s been a very interesting way to eat with many people on the street. Anyone who is interesting in this fun and beautiful race?

2015 Running Holidays-Shuangxi 26km Marathon

Date: 2 May, 2015 (Saturday)

Details (in traditional Chinese):


Registration starts from 29 Jan 2015 (Thursday) 12am

(Register at run-shuangxi@jetgo.com.tw) ←only for foreign runners)

26 km: NT $800(Including deposit $100 for chip)

- 3000 slots

- Race starts at 8:00am (gather before 7:40am), to be completed within 4h

12.5 km: NT $450

- 2000 slots

- Race starts at 8:10am (gather before 7 :40am), to be completed within 2h 15min

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