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Vibram HK100 Ultra Trial 2015

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The Vibram® Hong Kong 100 is an ultra endurance race that takes place in Hong Kong. The 100km course starts in Pak Tam Chung on the Sai Kung Peninsula and covers some of the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong, including remote and unspoilt beaches, ancient forests, nature trails, reservoirs and steep hills. The course is based around Hong Kong's famous Maclehose Trail, but with some diversions to ensure that runners spend more time in its most scenic sections, as well as finishing with the descent from Hong Kong's highest peak (Tai Mo Shan). The course involves a cumulative elevation gain of over 4500 meters and the cut-off time is 30 hours. This is a unique, challenging and beautiful run for the trail running enthusiast and a chance to take part in an unforgettable event. Join us and make some memories!
Results of ballot is out but no thread created.
Just in case anyone is going :)

Topic typo error, it's trail run...not trial run :)

If anyone can, please edit for me.

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1st 50km relatively flat. There are some not expose to Ultra Trail find it isn't that 'flat' & remarked pole should be used in the first half.

A total of 4500+ elevation. Being an Ultra Trail. One can't possibly expect the 1st 50km to be similar to a road ultra. A bit of elevation in first half is inevitable. It can't possibly be 4500+ all in the 2nd half.

Generally a 10 hours within 1st half. And a 13 hours in the 2nd will safely get you a Bronze Trophy.

As I had swollen ankle which restrict my right foot. Even walking is not possible. My 2nd half is literally walking, only till the last 4 - 5km of tarmac downslope.

Completed as a happy boy.

Join again ? Maybe No. I hate stairs ^^

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Hey guys it's really not difficult. I'm just into my 16 months of running.

I believe most guys here have lotsa more experience. Done more races than I drink alcohol.

30 hours cut off is far too generous. It was 32 hours previously.

You just need to click register.

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    • facts (published)... just eat 🍿.... SNOC is has a stake in the pending of the Court's decision...legal matters from SNOC against SOH were already in placed..."pending on the outcome of the ongoing Trial"...   if the Truth is 2min or 700m (Liew) vs 7min or more than 2 mins (Soh) is confirmed...then somebody is going to be answerable to why SOH was not selected to SEA GAMES 2019...to ensure that Mr Soh's allegations were "fully investigated and the truth be determined.".. everyone wants the "truth" to be determined...SNOC also wants the "truth" about its own investigations are not wrong but is the truth... as for SA's...it is totally different tiff.. more on what SA Executive Director Syed Abdul Maik Aljunied alleged defamation on SOH...so far SOH has won over SA (on some administrative documentation submission on his character that "has bad records" but so far delay until failure to produce evidence)...then SA Legal Team quitted and Director Aljunied had to use his own legal Team...more to admit what he said or claims were wrong meanwhile, SA President and Management Team had stepped down...tomorrow (Sept 25) shall be SA new Election (2020)...Soh's choice of SA Management Committee...will there be a nomination of SOH for SEA GAMES 2021..."nothing more than a GOLD result"... Winning against SA has a bearing on the outcome of somebody who quoted, "there have been numerous instances where Soh has displayed conduct that falls shorts of the standards of attitude and behaviour that the SNOC expects and holds its athhletes to"...what if there were no such records from SA on the standards of attitude and behaviour of SOH to start with...no evidence of SOH's breaching the rules, standards or attitudes...so if no, then why there is every REASON WHY SOH IS AND SHOULD NOT BE SELECTED FOR SEA GAMES 2019.. just eat 🍿....lah...it is going to be a lengthy one....maybe this Trial may extend till beyond SEA Games 2021....and guess who will be very upset/happy once again...SOH, SA, Liew, SNOC or Aljunied?
    • It probably started as a misunderstanding or misinterpretation  of the fact, but it has since escalated and the stakes have risen considerably.  My impression from reading the reports is the part of SRY's contention with Ashley's account was that it was put to him during media interview that he slowed to a crawl and that cost him a medal. Ashley did not clarify that during the media interview which perpetuates his act of sportsmanship.  That got him nominated for the Fairplay award which he won.  I don't think that SRY begrudged Ashley for the award. He just disagree that Ashley slowed down to a crawl and that cost him a medal. In his estimation, even if Ashley has really slowed down, it did not cost him a medal because his finishing time was a bit off from the medal timing.  SA probably slighted because they were the one who nominated Ashley for the award and raised the stake with its 'problem kid' to cease and desist. Of cos, SRY was never going to just roll over. And his further comments prompted Ashley to sue him for defamation. And here we are.  It all seems a little superfluous to me but of cos I'm not the one who feels he's been defamed. 
    • I think only Ashley himself really know if he did really purposely slow down or not.  While I admire SRY on his achievement and humility even as a champion, there could be chance he may have observed wrongly especially from a distance. Then this whole issue becomes just a misunderstanding.
    • 2022...that is, if there is none of  "Covid-20" pandemic aka Covid-19 Wave 2...  🙄
    • Hey Uncle thank you - Have moved the century to 2022 Yeah keep your virtual runs clean and green
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