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Race Bib Magnet Pins

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IMHO Bibfix looks good on paper but is a nightmare to use. I got a friend to help me purchase 2 packs when they were in Hong Kong.

I bought a set of Bibfix to try and used it for Nila Run, agree with you that its not easy to fix, or maybe I have a misconception of how it should be fix. Somehow the backing is easy to fix when it is just the event tee in between, whenever I place the bib over it, it refused to 'click'. Eventually, I tried just clipping a corner of the bib to the tee using bibfix instead of matching the holes with the 'buttons' of Bibfix and it worked. It's also quite secured. I prefer it over safety pins as the bib is still dangling and moving when pinned on with safety pins. Hopefully the next time I use it, i wont need to struggle so much and have the same nightmare. Another fear is losing it as it's quite a small item.

What I liked about Bibfix is that it comes with many colours, I wish they dont print the wordings on it so that it'll look better. Hopefully they come up with the Singapore flag version as that's the one I'm looking for.

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    • The only local race that returns 100% Refund - NTUC Income EcoRun 2020 Entry fee was the financial transaction which we agreed to take part in the race with the stipulation of R&R agreed with the organizer on the force majeure clause. Hence, I believe the new legislation can outlawed the force majeure clause... Uncle stands firmly on this because the act of force majeure is enforced in SG (revoke on the obligation of previous agreement to the force majeure clause of No Refund). Any dispute of Full Refund can now be settled with the Law Minister for consideration in this new legislation. Question is how many would want to stand up collectively? Thanks to @beast, you sounded like you can be in the legal professional. Again, any consideration of Refund is definitely good for Loyalty Participants as well as those who are on the sideline looking at how Race Organizer (aka Pink Apple Pte Ltd) responds as an obligated professional contractual service to Runners during Covid-19. Will the same professional service rendered in the past be the same in the postponed races in the future? Uncle doubted with much reservation because of the expectation that new "sanitized" races of the future will involve more administrative cost due to enhanced measures to make sure races are complied to local authority new guidelines for events. Such example could be restrictions to Events from Thousands to only Hundreds to only Tens. Then how?  In current CB, we are not to meet for any non-essential reason. Then we cannot gather even with up to 10 (That was how the second postpone due to Covid-19 was the reason). Previously was we cannot gather even with up to 250 (That was how the first postpone due to Covid-19 was the reason). 😷 A year ago in 2019...Past Event Race results for the 2XU Compression Run Singapore 2019 held April 7 have not been released due to payment issues (info - https://mybestruns.com/running-news.php/3221)     Please, none of the competitive prize money has been paid (according to the report), don't punish the runners was in 2019. Now this is the time to fulfill your contractual obligations for Full Refund in 2020 to 10,000 - 15,000 participants. If at just $70 per participant, you are obligated for up to $1 million for Full Refund...wah...no wonder under force majeure clause...what if it is revoked?
    • I view it as how well you want to argue this. For me I would actually consider our "full registration fee" as "full deposit", because the service that is promised to us was not yet delivered when we make the payment. Hence the payment can be viewed as a as a pledge of contract in the form of deposit, where we pay first and expect the service that we paid for to be delivered later.  If we can take it from that perspective, then I believe the new legislation can outlawed the force majeure clause. But of course, I am no lawyer.
    • glad to know that action has been taken...and glad to know that some here have had their refunds...locals as well as overseas... please updates...for we are here to be "awakened" because of Covid-19...how Refund process takes place...so that we can expect Post Covid-19...a policy on how long with a Refund process would be expected... The 12th edition of the the OSIM Sundown Marathon Singapore saw close to 25,000 participants...yes, agree...expect more time if all 25,000 participants would want Full Refund... if $50 on average x 25,000...factoring races from 5km to Full Marathon....wah $1.25 million....will have to be paid out.... Another Full Refund (with no option to transfer slot to 2021) is in progess will be @ NTUC Income Run 2020....3-4 more weeks outstanding...that one is about 9,000 in 2019....
    • Yes, do give them some time. The participation for Sundown is usually more than 10K. If majority requests for refund, it will definitely take time.
    • hello@sundownmaration.com (infinitus) replied to you "refund was still under administrative process"..ok 👌 uncle upgrade Sundown Marathon in 2021 from "negative" to "neutral" status for meeting the goal of participants who opt for refund instead of transfering slot to 2021..in the year 2020... very soon, we shall be saying goodbye@sundownmarathon.com in 2020....it has been a memorial sundown marathon edition...the race was cancelled..because of Covid-19. 😷
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