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Race Bib Magnet Pins

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IMHO Bibfix looks good on paper but is a nightmare to use. I got a friend to help me purchase 2 packs when they were in Hong Kong.

I bought a set of Bibfix to try and used it for Nila Run, agree with you that its not easy to fix, or maybe I have a misconception of how it should be fix. Somehow the backing is easy to fix when it is just the event tee in between, whenever I place the bib over it, it refused to 'click'. Eventually, I tried just clipping a corner of the bib to the tee using bibfix instead of matching the holes with the 'buttons' of Bibfix and it worked. It's also quite secured. I prefer it over safety pins as the bib is still dangling and moving when pinned on with safety pins. Hopefully the next time I use it, i wont need to struggle so much and have the same nightmare. Another fear is losing it as it's quite a small item.

What I liked about Bibfix is that it comes with many colours, I wish they dont print the wordings on it so that it'll look better. Hopefully they come up with the Singapore flag version as that's the one I'm looking for.

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