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Pyongyang Marathon 2014

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Date: Sunday 13th April

Distance: Full or Half Marathon

Will be part of a North Korean tour from Friday 11 April to Friday 18 April starting/ending Beijing.

Anyone keen?

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Hi Cassie,

The marathon you have linked is a different marathon.

From what I understand, Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon is organised for a group of tourists by a travel company and falls on 14 April 2014.

Pyongyang Marathon 2014 falls on 13 April 2014 will be opened to amateurs and there are both full and half marathons. Entrants are required to give their times but no time limits have been given yet.

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More details below, if anybody is keen message me.

945 Euros exclude the marathon entry fees which has not been decided. If flight is preferred, it is an additional 50 Euros one way. Price of 945 Euros is valid until 15 Jan 2014.

Group A Dates: April 11 - April 18 2013

Group A Price: 945 Euros

Be one of the first amateurs to run in the Pyongyang Marathon! Open to all from 2014 you’ll now be able to run a full or half Marathon or just watch if that’s more your speed. The tour will also include most of the main highlights of a DPRK trip including the DMZ and all the great monuments as well as some more relaxing moments such as a local health complex and some microbrewed beers.

If you would like to run the marathon, but don’t have time for the whole tour get in touch with us and we can arrange something for you.


Friday 11th April

  • Meet your guide at 1:00pm on the 3rd floor of the Beijing City Central Hostel to go through the itinerary, receive visas and tickets etc. (Go past front desk and take the lift to the 3rd floor and go left to the bar area).
  • Train takers depart Beijing Central station at 5:25pm for the 24 hour sleeper ride to Pyongyang.

Saturday 12th April

  • Train group arrive at Dandong at 7:00am for Chinese border control then depart for Sinuiju at 10:00am for the extensive border control from the DPRK side
  • Flight takers depart Beijing Airport Terminal 2 on Air Koryo at 12:55pm (Check in at counters C11-C15).
  • Flight group arrive in Pyongyang at 4:00pm to a warm welcome from your Korean guides.
  • Train group arrive at 5:30pm to an equally warm welcome
  • In the evening your guide will show you around the hotel before taking you for drinks and to get to know your Korean guides
  • Dinner and overnight at the Yanggakdo Hotel.

Sunday 13th April


  • Run or watch the Pyongyang Marathon! You can run either a half or full marathon- the course takes you around the central part of Pyongyang city. (there will be an entry fee for this which has yet to be decided by the relevant parties. We will inform entrants ASAP)


  • Lunch at the KITC Restaurant
  • Changwang Health complex- Have a relaxing swim, or a massage after your race. (extra charge)
  • Visit to the Rakwon beer bar with microbrewed pints for 0.5 euro each.
  • Dinner at the National Restaurant with Performance
  • Overnight at the Yanggakdo hotel.

Monday 14th April

  • Juche Tower- tallest stone tower in the world and a monument to the Juche Ideal.
  • The Monument to the Party Foundation
  • Grand People’s study House- The main centre for Adult education in Pyongyang.
  • Kim Il Sung Square- The Main square of Pyongyang City
  • Foreign Language Bookshop- the best place for pins, stamps, books, CD’s and DVD’s as well as DPRK Flags.


  • Lunch at the Chongryu Hot Pot Restaurant.Pyongyang Metro- ride from stop 1 to 2 then on to stop 6 exiting at:0
  • The Arch of Triumph- The largest victory arch on earth.
  • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum- The newly renovated war museum with it’s amazing diaorama’s, weapons displays and exhibits.
  • The War Monument and captured/destroyed US Planes and tanks etc
  • USS Pueblo- The captured spyship from 1968.
  • Overnight at the Yanggakdo hotel.

Tuesday 15th April- The Day of the Sun- Birthday of President Kim Il Sung

  • Walk through Mansudae fountain park and see the mosaic pictures of President Kim Il Sung and the leader Kim Jong Il.
  • Visit Mansudae Grand Monument to show our respects to the President Kim Il Sung and the Leader Kim Jong Il. (Optional extra- you can present flowers if you wish: small bunches are 2 euro, larger ones 4).
  • Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery- The resting place of the greatest of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters each grave features a bronze bust of the hero laid to rest within.
  • KimIlsungia Flower festival Exhibition


  • Lunch at the Moran Hill Chicken Restaurant
  • Visit Moranbong park to drink, dance and celebrate the holiday with the locals.
  • Special celebratory events- Yet to be confirmed but we will take part in any birthday events that are possible for tourists to attend. These may include a parade, fireworks, a circus performance, a mass dance and possibly some surprises.
  • Dinner at the KITC No.1 Restaurant
  • Kaeson Youth Park (Entry is included, rides are extra charge)
  • Overnight at the Yanggakdo hotel.

Wednesday 16th April

  • Up nice and early for the 2.5 hour drive to Kaesong City.
  • Panmunjon DMZ Village- see the DMZ and the treaty and conferences rooms where the armstice was signed all in the company of a friendly KPA officer guide (You can also take pictures of soldiers here!)
  • Koryo Museum- the oldest university in Korea and now a converted museum of local history. Also the site of the best propaganda and stamp/postcard shop in the DPRK!


  • Lunch at the Thongil Restaurant in Kaesong City- try your hand at traditional Korean Pansangi- a series of dishes served in bronze bowls. (Optional extras- Dog soup 5 euro, Ginseng Stuffed Whole Chicken 30 euro- can be split between several)
  • Drop by Sariwon City (Capital of North Hwanghae province) to walk in the local folkcustom park and view the city from the mountain top pagoda. Also if you like you can try Makkoli in a local Makkoli bar.
  • Photo opportunity of the Monument to the Three Charters of National Reunification, standing over the Thongil Highway.
  • Dinner at the Lamb BBQ Restaurant
  • Overnight at the Yanggakdo hotel.

Thursday 17th April

  • Flight members depart at 9:00am for Beijing on Air Koryo. (Arriving at 9:55 am Beijing time).
  • Train members depart at 10:40am for Beijing on train K28. (Arriving at 9:00am on Saturday the 19th).

Friday 18th April

  • Train members arrive in Beijing at 08.30am

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Received more details, cut off time is 5 hours for marathon.

Name: IAAF-The 27th Mangyongdae Prize Marathon
The date : April 13th, 2014.( Every year, it takes place on the first Sunday before the Sun’s Day, 15th of April)

This marathon will start and finish in Kim Il Sung Stadium in Pyongyang.

There will be 3 kinds of Marathon for Amateurs. Full Marathon: 42.195km,
Half Marathon: 21.0975km, Mini Marathon: 10km.

Running Course:
Start at the Kim Il Sung Stadium - Arch of Triumph - Friendship Tower - Eternal life Tower -

Kim Il Sung University - Kumrung Tunnel No.2 - Chongryu Suspension bridge - Munsu street - Rungra Bridge -Kurung Tunnel No.1 -Ansangtaek street - People's Army acrobatic theater - Arch of

This is one round of course and the full marathon runners will follow
this course 4 rounds and the half marathon runners will follow 2 rounds and
Mini marathon runners will follow 1 round.

Time requirement: 5 hours for amateur runners.

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Hi Guys,

Anybody going for the Chosunilbo Chuncheon Marathon 2014 on 26 Oct 2014 or the Jeju Mandarine International Marathon 2014 on 16 Nov 2014 in Korea?


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