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Illumi Run 2013 - 07 Dec 2013

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Date/Time: 07 Dec 2013 8pm

Venue: F1 Village, Republic Boulevard

Distance: 5K

Runner's Entitlement:

  • Event Entry
  • Exclusive illumi run Event Tee
  • Running Bib
  • Goggles (Protective eyewear)
  • Exclusive illumi LED Lighted Wrist Band
  • Getting illuminated with illumi glow water

From the FAQ:


What is the illumi glow water? Is it safe?
It is a water based, non-toxic paint that is safe on the skin and hair. It is okay if you accidentally ingest it as it is non-toxic. Just don't do it on purpose.
Does it wash off my skin easily?
Yes, it is completely removable with soap and water.
Will it stain my clothes/shoes?
You may experience light stains on your clothes/shoes after washing, which is why the illumi run tee is provided to participants so that you will remember the fun you had at the event.

Website: LINK HERE

Facebook: LINK HERE

Comment: Wow! Yet another non-competitive night rave run. Again not many details available yet but this sound similar to the Electric Run. There seems to be a sudden influx of such 'fun run' events. It's fine but the fee has to be reasonable or else I wonder why anyone would sign up. Perhaps its been targeted as a 'lifestyle' event as opposed to running event. Is there a danger of over-saturation of such events?

Comment 2 (21 Oct 13): Wow! Wow!! Check it out! Getting illuminated with water is now touted as an 'entitlement'. I think I'm going to organised a 'Mud Swinging' Run or something. Entitlement would include being smeared with sweet smelling, non-toxic mud.

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Price is out. $68 Normal. $58 Priority. And we thought color run was expensive. This is madness! Seriously? Who would pay that kind of price for a rave run? 80



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Not running SC so can consider tis

. Running SC can also make it

$58 for 5KM????

Illumi color paint cost

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i consider these are more party runs... 5km...

for most of the runners here that run marathon for fun, 5km is not a run at all, its just a warm up....

for party goers, got after run DJ, can dance.... maybe got bikini DJ also...

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