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The 2013 inaugural TINNY RUN is on, on, on August 25th 2013 at 2pm.

This event has been held since 2007 in Singapore. It is FREE to enter to fun runners above the age of 18.

24 places only.


Volunteers required. ents.pow@gmail.com

It will be a fantastic fun day,

Love Jessica xxx

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • @Lady Ice and @kohpapa Thank you for your warm advices and concern. I really appreciate it. Honestly, as of now from 1-10 the pain is 7. Yes, i will stop running and do walking instead. I still have 7 days to rest and recover. And hoping on the race day will be gone, If not I will take your advice to withdraw and wait for another time. The thing is that a bit disappointing to train for almost 1.5months then suddenly injured. 😭. If ever I can make it on the race day hopefully I can get my target 4.50hrs under.. 🤭 Once again thank you so so much gurus. Keep you posted. Gudnyt!  
    • 2019 8th ELM Medal Race: The Performance Series Road Race #4: Achieve Photo Credit: keltan.xxviii
    • Well, I shall be ready in my 2XU for this coming 2019 SCSM Maiden Evening Marathon with an aging right leg (soreness) which I need to compress,  k-tape with knee-cap support. Expensive, yes.  If in triathlon (swim then cycle/run), it is necessary. For run? Depends. Yes, what if the weather is wet and rainy and you need warmth? Then a compression running suite will be an alternative. It is expected, a cooler, wetter evening for this maiden SCSM Evening Marathon. My decision is to gear up appropriately and minimise "discomfort" on my soreness on my aging right leg with compression, taping and knee-cap support. 2XU alternatives : Tried them before. Later, losses its "Compression" due to the material degenerating after numerous wears.   
    • Knowing that you are determined to do your first marathon without having the time to let your "soreness" heal and to recover, this is what will be recommended. However, if the pain on the calves are "extreme", please stop running and just walk. There is another Marathon in another time, and so better to be injury-free next time. "No pain no gain" is actually is not advocated in this running forum. However, many times, there are just "nursing" pain due to over training or even weather change which is cooler in the past days (wetter). If your desire in this first marathon is how to take care of the "calves" during the run, my suggestion and solution is to "minimise" the discomfort, and not healing. The rest of your maiden marathon journey will depend on the will and determination to finish the race which you have signed up for. 7-day counting, and just like you, I am nursing an aging right leg, which I also have to prepare to "compress" with tape and knee-cap support. As with a wetter day ahead, need to have a "compress" running gear to keep me warm during the night. Yes, that will be what I will be ready next week, SCSM 1st Evening Marathon. Best wishes, and listen to your body. Extreme pain is never encouraged to run. Let your heart and soul determines what is in your First Marathon.
    • Do not do any running until the soreness goes away. You can probably do walking without pain You might try a sports massage to go into your glutes and down the calf. This is so that you can ease off the tension from the back down. Tape on the day of the race (as provided by bro Koh Papa) or wear compression socks but be aware that you will need to take this easy, otherwise risk pain mid-way. If you do feel pain during the SCSM, then see if you can rest a little and let the pain go away....then walk with small steps. If you try to run again once pain has set in 'cos you will risk a DNF. Also change your mindset about the time you will get..... and if you want to achieve something, tell runners to please put their rubbish in the bin to keep the route litter free   Look forward to your report . Enjoy the night
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