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[Medal Hunters United] List of ELM Medal Races

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Not an ELM medal, just an antique one.

I am looking for singapore marathon medals which are as old as this, 1985,86 and 1988

Trying to collect pictures of the singapore marathons medals over the years.

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    • Ah yes, Terry Fox!  He was quite famous after the first running boom (sometime in the 70s to early 80s) I even saw a TV movie about him when I was in grade school (OMG, My age is showing 😵 LOL) And to think he was an amputee! 
    • I’m usually self supported when I do my solo LSDs, so I can manage up to a marathon’s distance (ultras will need at least some form of support however, at least for me) . I can’t replenish at any public faucet like you guys do over there, but there are stores everywhere.  I can also lug at least 2L in my hydration vest if I’m in the mood to shout:  “THIS... IS… SPARTAAAAA!” 😜 😜 😜 but I haven’t been that motivated lately. At least not since this pandemic broke out.  Nothing beats the convenience of having a route clear of cars, and hydration at least every 5km (IAAF rules) in an actual organized race though, but these just won’t be possible for the time being so we’ll just have to be patient. I look forward to the day when they find a vaccine to this plague… and we’ll all be partying, cheering and giving high fives after crossing the finish line once more. 😊
    • Incredible feat! The other person I know of running a marathon every day for a cause was Terry Fox.
    • I’m sharing this interesting story of a Korean monk doing a 5,200 km charity ultra run from LA to New York City, running 50km each day. He was forced to halt it in the meantime because of the pandemic: https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/culture/2020/06/141_290579.html    What struck me most was that where he expected prejudice, he found only kindness, and that the ones who had the least to give... actually gave the most: “I received heartwarming care from those in poverty” I guess it’s really true that what you sow, so shall you reap. I'd like to read more about this guy and his story when he continues his run. 👍
    • Thank you for sharing the hints, totally agreed. So I need to make a good plan on the routing. 😊👍   Yea, in a race of last year, the experience of a lot of runners has proved that... 💪🤣
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