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[Medal Hunters United] List of ELM Medal Races

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Not an ELM medal, just an antique one.

I am looking for singapore marathon medals which are as old as this, 1985,86 and 1988

Trying to collect pictures of the singapore marathons medals over the years.

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    • Agree with you. I believe people who pull these stunts are only a small handful and they are non-elites runners. 
    • Run for Heroes 2020 All it takes is for you to run, walk or dance a distance of 1km to show your support and gratitude!Upon completion of your run, you will receive two wristbands - one for yourself and the other will be sent to a frontliner with a personalised message of thanks from you as a tangible show of gratitude.Come join us from today until 8 August to show our support as one Singapore! (info - https://www.runforheroes.sg/)                  
    • Actually, one of the things I always look forward to in coming over for SCSM would be carboloading at some hawker stall. Once, after asking for a sixth order of rice, the uncle who owned the place just exclaimed  "哇!!!" (Waah!) 🤣 The only problem is that there always seems to be new construction constantly in Singapore. One place I ate at before was already closed with a new building being built over it the next time I came back, so its hard to have a favorite place to eat.
    • Now, what I'm going to say next may be a somewhat unpleasant topic among runners, but the reality is that among fellow athletes.... there are some who cheat. 🤔  Although this has been minimized now in modern races with timing mats/chips and vigilant marshalls on the course, in less sophisticated events, some dishonest runners take shortcuts, surreptitiously exchange bibs with a faster runner somewhere along the course (so their times come out better), and in one ultra, board their support vehicle when they think nobody is looking, then get off 10-20km later down the road! I don't know what goes on in the mind of those dishonest people who later claim their finisher shirts and medals just so they can brag on their social media accounts of something they did not rightfully accomplish. They are only fooling themselves. They may be actually very few in number, but if they are so thick skinned to be able to do that in a real race, how much more in a virtual one based on an honesty system? They may have  rode a bycycle, or used roller skates/ a skateboard for all we know! IMHO, that is why a medal/finisher shirt from an actual race will always command more respect and honor amongst us runners than that from a virtual one.    
    • I agree. Crossing the finish line at SCSM by analogy, would be like earning a diploma from NUS, while a virtual run on the other hand, would be like getting a certificate of some online course from some shady internet school. You may have truly done the coursework and gained the appropriate learning in both cases, but when you present your documents to a potential employer, the former will be solid proof of your accomplishment and hard work compared to the latter.  
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