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TransLantau - Hong Kong 2014

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@limchris, yes, I'll be carrying (1 each. 1 used to carry stuff, another will be filled with some water) cos I will be there late and baggage drop off will be closed by then. Subsequently, I intend to "tour" lantau by going Ngong Phing, Tai O...before going back to HK island.

**Intend to take the 8.30am ferry cos husband want to eat breakfast at the hotel (since paid for already..)

You can see...it's a R&R trip. :P

There is only 1 checkpoint for 15km...which means where hydration is. If you are the kind that loses water fast and need water, please bring a bottle or hydration.

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I had no previous experience in ultra trail, this being my first.

Am so afraid of reaching too close to the cut-off time.

9-10 hours will be a good goal for myself, 11-12 hours seems scary......so close to cut-off already.

I will keep a lookout when arriving at hongkong airport see if i can spot you and your hubby :)

@maxwoon, hahaha...well thank goodness. I thought I was the only one too. Am asking my nephew to collect the race bib for me cos I might not reach in time to the start point. :P Anyway, mine is a slow 15km walk cos hubby not keen in running too fast (or even to run much, :P). It's a sight seeing trip and giving him a feel of trail running.

I have friends aiming at 8-9hrs. But again, I like to advise, do at ur own pace. Do not worry about others. Just be careful when you are running...ok?

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If you are doing the 50km, there is a chance to catch the sunset from Sunset Peak. Great view; and almost always the view that most postcard of Lantau will feature. But please note it may be cutting close very close to the cut-off time if you catch that view.

You will be going down to Pak Kung Au from Sunset Peak, there will be CP3 (I think) and from there, you have another 25km to go (of this latter 25km, the initial 3~4km will be flat ... this is where you could pick up speed for more mountains after crossing the road at Nanshan.

I won't be racing ... but do say hi if you see me there at the start (on Sat morning)

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I'm thinking of getting a small Singapore flag too, anywhere can get one ? :P

Also will a water bottle be ok for the mandatory cup ? If not, i will go to the outdoor outlet to buy 1.

I'm using a Nathan bright blue pack, hopefully i can get a flag, so anyone can recognize me.

Just to add my bib number is 2717 !

Hope to see everyone there! If you recognize me, give me a tap on the shoulder! My Salomon pack will have the Singapore flag at the back anyway. ;)

BTW, I will be visiting Basecamp Lantau to get some stuff, if anyone is around there.

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Hi everyone:

I'm from Hong Kong and a newbie in trail running. I am doing the 50K as well. Did two pre-race runs in two consecutive days based on the route downloaded from Translantau website (the gpx file) last month and I have to say I was humbled.

To me, the biggest challenge is after almost 4000m of climbing and descending in the first 25k, and if you survived, you have to be able to run, or at least jog/walk the rest 25K with the very sore legs in order to achieve a respectable time. My legs were shaking with blisters under my toes after I descended to Pak Gong Au (CP3).

Three are two videos on Youtube; one on the 50k course, and the other on the 100k, both are very well documented by runners and will give you an excellent overview how the course looks like.



Advice to newbies like myself: do everything to avoid blisters which is caused by the braking action when running downhill (I know, my trail technique is terrible). Consider wearing a long tight to protect your legs. There are two sections with dense bushes in the first 10k, which gave me a few painful scratches (as seen in Matthew Mok's 100k video). Weather in Hong Kong is not stable at present, cool, very foggy with high humidity. This is the kind of weather that people are likely to catch a bad cold, so take a few more layers with you. Finally, take it easy for the first 25k no matter what is your target time. It can break you legs unless you are a superior stairmaster.

Say hi if you bump into me. My bib no. is 2561.

Welcome to Hong Kong and have a good one!


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Willie thank you for the video clips. It did help me expect a bit more what will the actual race conditions look like. I will consider getting compression calf sleeves now, since you warn about the bushes and being cut. From: 2717 :)

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Willie thank you for the video clips. It did help me expect a bit more what will the actual race conditions look like. I will consider getting compression calf sleeves now, since you warn about the bushes and being cut. From: 2717 :)

Do wear your lousiest calf compression. I wore a relatively ok compression and after this race last year, the compression looks like I had crawl through mud. Frilled and teetered. Very.

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Although we did 15km, this was quite a gd challenge. My husband first run and boy, he suffered. Cramps in thigh..calf..lol. i was fine (thank goodness) so walked quite abit with him.

The steps were high. Each time we see steps n uphill, we both groan. Finished much slower than I expected but I am proud that he completed. :) peifu those who did 100km and 50km.

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Ouch OucH & OUCH !!!

Backside open flowers

Hiii *wavesWaveS* to every TLT runners here

No wonder majority ppl.here registered for 50km.

I got unfinished-Biz , cya Kakis TransLanTau2015 8)

Pssst Taz : nice to cya there at beach b4 my nitemare.

No wonder , U'd that grins on your face after I shook your hand . . . *sob*

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I bump into lotsa Singaporeans ! Took first ferry 6.10am to Mui Wo, talked to a group of Beijing guys happen to be working in Singapore. All first timer. Marathon timing 4hrs, but all took >11hrs to complete this. While I'm posting this, already Day 2 in Shenzhen. Didn't stay in Hong Kong after race.

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