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The North Face 100 Hong Kong 2013

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A new run in The North Face 100 Asia Series.

The North Face 100 Hong Kong

Date: 14-15 December 2013

Start: 0800am

Location: Tai Mei Tuk

Catergories: Individual 50km/100km

Team 100km only

Cut-off Times:

100km: 26 hours for 100km (10 AM on December 15)
50km: 16 hours for 50km (Midnight on December 15)


Registration begins 1st July.

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Hi, would like to ask you guys something

I saw on TNF100 HK website this,

"Registration for the 50 km race will be open on a first come, first served basis to individuals who have completed a 50 km race in under 14 hours or a 100 km race in under 28 hours in the past three years.

The total quota of applicants for the 50 and 100 km races is 1,000 participants."

Does this mean they require proof during registration?

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Just read the course description.

Section 8:

".....This section of the course is not particularly steep, but does involve a fair bit of undulation through forested areas and numerous river crossings. There are bridges for some of the river crossings - but not all - and there is a fair likelihood of runners getting their shoes wet, particularly in the dark."

And add that to the cold for that tme of the year in HK. This could be fun :)

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Registration is opened.

Part of the registration process is to submit online, a race certificate for a 100km or 50 km done within the last 3 years.

some friends managed to register for both the 50 and 100 without being prompted for a cert - not too sure if the organizers will sieve thru the registration later and request for it

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From the organiser....

For those who qualify but don't have cert

"Please make a pdf of the results page from the website of the race with racer name circled."

For those who don't qualify but managed to register and would like organisers to consider their registration

"People who don't make the criteria can submit a pdf letter of qualifications for our consideration. If the racer is rejected we would refund the money."

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