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Haze Season 2013

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just to add.. 23 june.. uncle was involved in an event of almost 12-hour outdoor.. and was sun tanned.. in the 75th Singapore Open Track & Field Championships 2013..


as IAAF Track & Field Competition Race Official..

on 22 june, the event was postponed.. due to SSC guideline.. PSI 100 and above, outdoor activities cannot be held in SSC sports facility, in this case, choa chu kang stadium.. using the PSI 24-hour..and all events on 22 june were cancelled.. but the next 12-hour upon the announcement of cancellation on 22 june.. the weather has changed for the better.. almost lower 100+ in average..but, the decision for 23 june will be still be pending on approval and subjected to SSC sports activities guidelines..so uncertainty lingered on saturday..to 23 june morning..

so.. consolidating 22/23 june event.. we did this one..23 june..with a solid 1-day 75th Singapore Open Track & Field Championships 2013 .. and the event was marked with.. yes, lingering haze smell at just past PSI 100..but, the sun was scorching hot and sunny.. especially in the afternoon and towards evening.. it was great at the end..the bonding, friendship, the spirit of hope, fair competition, overseas international athletes competiting with local athletes.. yes, national records were broken, and because, the event.. carried on..and pass the haze test.. everything at PSI 100+..managed and completed..with celebration of a farewell dinner for athletes from overseas..joined by all local athletes, their families and well wishers..and uncle got free dinner..sing songs..all different languages..

of course, uncle not only had a 3-hour great physical fitness workout on 22 june late afternoon to evening.. and with this almost 12-hour outdoor PSI 100plus average..outdoor.. of course, uncle also sprinted, ran, jumped just for fun on the choa chu kang stadium track.. and guess what..uncle's officiating this event that is always the most captivating and the most spectacular to watch.. "Pole Vault".. an event where.. "Pole vaulters combine some of the best track and field qualities into one event...they require the leaping strength that any good jumper possesses, together with a gymnastic-like ability to control their bodies in the air...a successful vaulter generally has a sprinter’s speed, and must build that speed while carrying a long pole. ...vaulters are typically tall and lean..and pole vaulters do require strong arms to control, plant and push off from the pole."


and.. shi.. don't tell.. uncle used to be a school competitive pole vaulter.. with a bamboo stick, fell, because the stick broke.. once in recent year, while trying to "escape" from the Changi VIP Resort for being the most negative-rated sgRunner..bamboo stick broke again..in order to take part in the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run..can read 2012 version of yellow ribbon prision run forum thread..

so uncle shall try again..with the "pole vaulting" spirit once again..now in training...for ultra! race..haze or no haze.. doesn't matter any more..

lastly, many outdoor events were cancelled..and this race..was the only one..that stood the test.. haze with reasonable PSI..can still be carried on.. bravo.. Banana Relay 2013.. held on 23 june.."We had an enjoyable time of bonding and friendship this morning with almost 200 runners turning out for the event.Have a look at the photos here by all our wonderful photographers: http://banana-relay.blogspot.sg/p/photos.html "

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Looks like the good weather is going to persist for the next 24 hrs. The prevailing wind conditions are blowing the wind away from our little red dot. I dun know if it was my imagination but the weather seems more humid than usual. I was sweating more than usual from the run just now. :hot:


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let's uncle gives a complete Haze Zone latest


hottest spot is in KL... "Haze situation in KL is very bad: Please take note of the haze condition before coming. Bring mask."..

looks like a change of wind of fate.. but in the mean time.. southern sumatra lots of hot spot.. and SW winds will..if..come.. oh, no, we're back to haze again..

check moon is round and reddy.. mmm.. slightly..but, ok..

to end this haze season.. rain must fall.. and clouds must form for this to occur.. rain, rain..where r u?

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rain has arrived.. finally.. welcome rain..long time no see you..hear you..and smell you.. pour pour pour..and make the haze go away..

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Uncle must be staying west side. Heard west side turned from 'ze' to 'il'; from haze to hail! :cold:

East side now only sky dark dark threaten to rain; but not raining yet. :pardon:

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how the rain came..


oh no, it's raining hailstones..



don't believe this lame one.. bluff one..how can that be bigger than uncle's nuts?.."Pic of what damage large hailstones can cause. Not of today's hailstone"...come on..like that anyhow scare everyone here..


similar hailstones happened locally..flashback.."The sudden downpour on Thursday [27 Mar 2008] afternoon brought more than just heavy rain. Hailstones were raining down in some parts of Singapore, according to callers to Channel NewsAsia's hotline. The National Environment Agency later confirmed that hailstones were reported in central Singapore between 3.15pm and 3.45pm. Callers said the hailstones were the size of 5 cent coins. They were seen mainly in Bishan, Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio. It's believed the hailstones fell for about 20 minutes before subsiding... http://momopost.blogspot.sg/2008/03/nea-confirms-it-was-raining-hailstones.html The last hailstone incident was also reported in July 2007."

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yap.. Haze Zone update 25, june.. looks like there will be a reversal of wind direction..ESE wind..and guess what.. back to the friendly neighbour's backyard..


and uncle collected lots of ice lollipops just now.. want some?


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Happy to manage a run this evening after such a long 'break'. Hope weather stays clear for next few weeks

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<pyap..kcslchin..uncle going running soon@2am...and ended 6am.. marina barrage, nicollHW, Mountbatten Road, Fort Road, ECP, Tenah Merah Canal, Changi Coast Road PCN, Changi Beach Park, Changi Point.. as part of Ultra! run.. cool, breezy, can see partial full moon, some clouds definitely not hazy ones.. looks like weather is back to the nice one.. yippee..

watch this one for anything haze updates..or if there is none..can close already..

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Here is an app which allows you to check PSI on the go.


Just need to note that its a 3hr average reading, not real time. Your eyes and nose are still a better judge.

Unfortunately our eyes and noses cannot detect PM2.5 particulates which the real silent killer.

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still on the PM thingy..

"Particulate matter, or PM, is the term for particles found in the air, including dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets. Some particles are large enough to be seen, such as soot or smoke, others are so small they can only be detected with an electron microscope. Particles less than 10 micrometers in diameter (PM10) pose a health concern because they can be inhaled into and accumulate in the respiratory system. Particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter (PM2.5) pose the greater health risk, as their small size (approximately 1/30th the average width of a human hair) enable the fine particles to lodge deeply into the lungs."


"Unfortunately our eyes and noses cannot detect PM2.5 particulates which the real silent killer"..agreed


'Researchers from Peking University say minute particle pollution as indicated by high PM2.5 readings will cause a spike in the mortality rate of patients suffering heart and lung diseases.

Because fine particles(PM2.5) is much smaller than inhalable coarse particles(PM10), its negative effects on human health is more severe.

When we breathe, the fine particles can reach the deepest regions of our lungs. And exposure to particles is linked to variety of significant health problems, ranging from aggravated asthma and one in this scale to pre-mature death in people with heart disease on the other. PM2.5 is worthy the name of "Invisible Killer".'

so watch out for those loved ones..friends..or anyone..whom may have affected.. heart and lung..asthma..and of course, young ones..most vulnerable..for having small lungs..

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this thundery storm weather.. looks like the sumatras..

"Sumatras are line of thunderstorms which usually occur during the Southwest Monsoon season from May to October each year. These squalls develop at night over Sumatra or the Malacca Straits and move east towards Singapore and the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia during the pre-dawn and early morning. They are often characterised by sudden onset of strong gusty surface winds and heavy rain lasting from 1 to 2 hours as they move across the island. Maximum gusts of up to 50 knots have been recorded during the passage of a Sumatra squall."

hope no more from the sky..and $1 coin..belongs to uncle..not dropped one..


and yes, after the rain... cool and breezy..and if everyone has to do that run..after a long haze break.. this evening one will be..50+..pleasant..and enjoy..

and the latest Haze Zone map.. 26 june..hotspots reduced..and dense haze no more reported..with winds S W..blowing away all remaining haze clouds..


soon..this haze season 2013..shall come to an end.. :turned:

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Looks like the haze will stay away for the next few days. Lots of cloud over the central Sumatra. And the hot spots seems to be coming down.


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fate of KL Marathon 2013 still hazy.. http://www.nst.com.my/streets/central/fate-of-kl-marathon-2013-still-hazy-1.306682

latest: 2013 Standard Chartered KL International Marathon confirm postponed to 29 Sep 2013. due to haze..

"Dear runners,

It is with much regret to announce that the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 has been postponed till 29 September 2013. This postponement is unavoidable as the haze situation, while getting better still poses a health risk."


local races cancelled and postponed.. 2013 Tri-factor Run..2013 Shape Run..

looks like.. going to have a hot and packed races in september..(local and overseas - current and postponed ones)..

just add one lame video.. remember a local lady who "This raining got ice cube" and ate like ice kachang..

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yes.. update on Regional Haze Zone..27 june.. less hotsports..showers helped to subdue hotspot activities..no dense haze..


recommends this Real-time PM2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI).. http://www.aqicn.org/city/singapore/south/

According to this, it looks like the air quality in KL is low enough for running, at least today.

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latest Regional Haze Zone report.. for 28 june..


yes, "it looks like the air quality in KL is low enough for running"... if fact, it is a beautiful KL..and wind direction has shifted..and hotspots have also reduced..

it has been unfortunate that.. 2013 Standard Chartered KL International Marathon..has to be cancelled and postponed because of haze.. and so do..many local races..having to cancel and postpone next weekend too!

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Regional Haze Map 29 June 2013.. Moderate smoke haze..still lingers.. but hot spots.. very very few..


have a great weekend..

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24-hour ago.. official uncle was involved in this event... Milo Youth Triathlon 2013.. event organiser recommended cancel and postpone, milo the sponsor says no cancellation unless with the conditions with PSI 100 and above on respecting haze warning guideline or lightning thunderstorm bad weather.. and with the anticipation of haze or bad weather or maybe BOTH conditions.. would this event also be..

"More than 1,400 participants were up early on Saturday morning for the fifth MILO Youth Triathlon held at the East Coast Park

Acting Minister for Manpower Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, who was the Guest-of-Honour, also took part in the triathlon.

This is also the first triathlon that Mr Tan has taken part in."

arrival of GOH..


all ready at swim start...


are your ready!!!


Mr.Tan..ready for first Triathlon.. swim ready..



bike ready..


family bike relay..


finally.. run to the finishing..


meanwhile.. families and friends supporting and waiting for their loved ones..


for we are the Champs..


so, official uncle (not the cute angmo Milo sponsor uncle with the kids on stage) and more than 1,400 participants aged 10 to 20 years old, their families and friends, did have a great time together.. for this event... was not.. cancelled.

as for the youths, their families and friends.. happy celebration to the ending of the month-long school holidays..with the memories of the haze of PSI that went.. 321, 371 and 401..and milo youth triathlon 2013.. was almost made.. "a forgotten event in 2013".. :turned:

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update on the latest Regional Haze Zone report, 30 June... and OMG.. the Haze Zone has gone into South China Season.. that means.. ITE.. It's The End.. of Haze Season 2013.. yipee


while races have been cancelled and postponed due to haze, this one..Jurong Lake Run 2013.. would be held on jul 7 (sunday), and with race pack collection completed today and yesterday.. has a conditional clause..and uncle summarised:

"this is the most..interesting.. conditional of races (10K, 8K and 3K) in the event of which PSI levels reaches what on Sat/Sun.. then ALL kena or which one kena cancel not postpone..so simply 8K kena or 3K Kena.. let uncle explains -

Next Sat/Sun, 2 magical figures to keenly watch. The race will be cancelled, not postponed, if
Sat 8 pm - PSI above 150 or
Sun 3-6 am, PSI above 100
ALL kena

Even if the 3hr PSI remain below the threshold on Sat 8pm and Sun 3am, if it goes above 100 on Sun 6am, ALL kena

Sun, if it goes above 100 at 7am, 10K will have been flagged off, then 6K kena and 3K kena
Sun, If it goes above 100 at 8am, 10k then 6K will proceed, then 3K kena

note: arrangement will be made to collect your medal and finisher tee.. for those kena..meaning NO RUN and "going home without any sweat."

ok.. shall have sundown watch hours.. Sat 8 pm PSI watch..Sun 3-6 am, PSI watch..Sun 6-8 am, PSI watch..12-hour nightmare, anxiety, nail baiting, ..see who kena or not kena "

ideally, not kena means good news - Run without Haze.. :turned:

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latest Regional Haze Map.. 2 July.. great news.. Haze Zone.. disappears..from the map of the world..


and the PM2.5 AQI readings.. is below 100..meaning..moderate and not unhealthy any more..


great news everyone.. JLR 2013.. looks very likely.. for run!

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meanwhile in our friendly neighbour.. whose race..2013 Standard Chartered KL International Marathon..came to a difficult decision to postpone to 29 September 2013...Race Entry Pack Collection however proceeded as scheduled on 27 to 29 June at PWTC for runners residing in W.P. Kuala Lumpur and Selangor...

although the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon scheduled over the weekend was postponed, participants who had arrived in the city for the race did not go home disappointed..Instead, many took part in a 21km run..more than 500 runners..an impromptu Sunday race started at Dataran Merdeka at 5.30am...


The event was promoted through word of mouth and social media...the decision to host the run when Kuala Lumpur skies were seen to clear up from the haze and those who had bought their flight tickets to travel to KL to return to where they came from.. would not be disappointed...some were sgRunners.. if you are reading..this here..


to make sure no one was lost in the run, volunteers stationed themselves at every junction to guide the runners..and yes, water stations were also set up where volunteers offered free drinks to runners.


runners headed to Bukit Tunku after the flag off before making a stop at the 10km mark near Desa Seri Hartamas...then they made a U-turn and ran towards the Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur where the a simple breakfast for everyone was set up..while others were seen queueing up to purchase drinks and snacks from a petrol station in Desa Seri Hartamas


yap.. looks like this haze.. did not..actually.. disrupt..the more than 500..who show up..and say, "(We) completed (SCKLM's) 21km, perfect race weather. Just too bad, till September...".. handphone77..Posted 30 June 2013 - 09:30 AM

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with recent showers mostly this week.. hotspots in sumatra have been subdued..haze is zero..good news..PSI..is not beyond 50..

PM2.5 is not beyond 50..good condition is the status..

weather condition.. on the hot side.. sunday.. looks something like this..


slight wind..%rain - 20-36.. %humidity - 65-86..meaning relatively hot ..should describe JLR2013..

like the saying, Every cloud (Haze) has a silver lining means that you should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days..

yes, JLR2013..has never given up hope and never need to get cancelled and definitely no need to postpone..

and the latest Haze Map for 6 July.. isolated hotspots..but no smoke plumes were observed...


current PSI.. below 40..PM2.5..slightly above 50..moderate..

Sat/Sun, 2 magical figures to keenly watch. The race will be cancelled, not postponed, if
Sat 8 pm - PSI above 150 or
Sun 3-6 am, PSI above 100
ALL not kena

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goodie morning..if this is your Haze Report for 7 jul morning @6am.. JLR2013.. has succeeded in overcoming the decision of why this event should have stayed, not postpone, and need not even cancel.. everybody here, are you ready..


Even if the 3hr PSI remain below the threshold on Sat 8pm and Sun 3am, if it goes above 100 on Sun 6am, ALL not kena

Sun, if it goes above 100 at 7am, 10K will have been flagged off, then 6K not kena and 3K not kena
Sun, If it goes above 100 at 8am, 10k then 6K will proceed, then 3K not kena

The flag-off timings and venues are as follow:
10km – 7.00am (Snow City)
6km – 7.45am (Snow City)
3km – 8.30am (Snow City)
850m Kids Dash – 9.00am (Jurong Secondary School)

ok.. welcome to JLR 2013..the routes for 10km, 6km and 3km..


bright and sunny.. young pom pom cheerleading ready..


run for charity..a total of S$140,000 was raised ..one of beneficiaries.. them...


well done..Taman Jurong CSC.. and of course.. Jurong Lake Running Club (JLRClub)... these runners donning bright yellow running vests. always part of an ongoing effort by these volunteers on the Jurong Lake Run organizing committee to promote running as a way of keeping fit and healthy. ..members meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to join like-minded individuals for two-hour training sessions to improve their running form, endurance, strength, stamina and speed...they came and show up..


and with the volunteers cheering..


all finishing with a great time.. joy.. bonding with friends, neighbours and others who participated..


also the 850m Kids Dash is part of JLR’s continued efforts to build an active, vibrant and socially-connected community through running...


""Hi! Overall I felt that the race was good. Hydration points was sufficient and was not very crowded at every point. The scenery was nice too! Really kudos to all those young volunteers who had cheer us along the way. I think they really put in a lot of effort by waking up on a early sunday morning...Encouraging words which are written on the board are just perfect. I still can remember near the 9km point, there is a pair of wheelbounded elderly who are actually encouraging! Felt so touching to have them around with us! Good job to the committee members who have planned this race! "

yap.. 12-hour later.. JLR 2013 must come to an end.. send greetings and wishes to all here at sgRunners.. from the West side of the Island.. we made it through the haze.. with no cancel and postpone..see you in JLR 2014..cheers


latest..media report...

15,000 turn up for Jurong Lake Run, with the haze nowhere in sight

DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam flagging off the participants of the Jurong Lake Run 2013..


In a sign the haze is perhaps well behind Singapore, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Tharman Shanmugaratnam flagged off 15,000 runners for the Jurong Lake Run 2013 yesterday morning.

The third annual run at the Chinese and Japanese Gardens is the first major outdoor event since the haze from Sumatra hit the region last month, causing the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) to hit a hazardous peak of 401 here.

But after two weeks of clear skies and with the PSI registering a “good” reading of 14 before the event, organisers gave the Jurong Lake Run the thumbs up and it went ahead as scheduled.

Mr Tharman, who is also Finance Minister, commended Singaporeans for remaining united during the haze and said the turnout for the run is an indication of the country’s resilience.

Said the DPM: “People came out with great enthusiasm from all over the island — 15,000 people. The sun was bright, but the community spirit was even brighter.

“We responded well as a country. We responded well on the ground, as well as in terms of the way in which the whole administrative structure swung into action.

“There’s also very encouraging volunteerism by groups of people. Lots of people, including very young people, trying to help others.

“So if you compare it to how it could’ve been otherwise, without this collective spirit, I think we’ve done well and we want to do better the next time.”

The run, organised by the Taman Jurong Community Sports Club, is the third in the annual series and was backed by presenting sponsor AIA and main sponsor MediaCorp.

It raised S$140,000 for four beneficiaries, namely Club HEAL, Lakeside Family Centre, Beacon of Life and PromisedLand Community Services.

Also at the event were Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Grace Fu and MediaCorp Group CEO Shaun Seow, both of whom took part in the run, and AIA CEO Tan Hak Leh.

Two main races spanning 10km and 6km were staged, as well as a 3km community walk and 850m kids dash.

But despite the good streak of weather in the last fortnight, organisers were prepared — in case there was a whiff of smoke in the air.

Participants with respiratory problems would have been asked not to run if the PSI had breached the 100 mark, and the run would have been cancelled at 150.

MediaCorp Head of Strategic Marketing Patrick Yong, who represented the company in the organising committee, was relieved the run was not aborted, seeing that it had grown from 6,500 participants in its inaugural staging in 2011.

“Although it was put together by the Taman Jurong Community Sports Club, it has become popular with Singaporeans from all over the island and even with people from overseas,” said Yong.

“I’ve been checking the skies each day I wake up because the planning took months and a lot of people were looking forward to it. We just did not want to disappoint them.”

meanwhile..coming in end of September / October..run race schedule..

29 September... Standard Chartered KL Marathon (cancel and postpone because of haze)
4th-5th October.. The North Face 100 2013
6th October.. Tri-Factor Run 2013 (cancel and postpone because of haze)
13th October.. Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run 2013 (cancel and postpone because of haze)
20th October.. Newton Challenge Run 2013
27th October.. The Shape Run 2013 (cancel and postpone because of haze)

so for those who sign-up all of the above.. of course..4 of them were rescheduled events because of Haze..October Mega Ultra! in Total more than 100KM Distance races..all pack like sardine loh.. :startle:

well.. Haze Season 2013..is no more..uncle ends here completely with this JLR 2013...bye bye..thank you for..viewing.. until the next haze time..we meet..

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