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Adeline Loh

any suggestion

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i saw other topics but dead. i wna do any form of exercise thats apart from running. dont mind beach activities.. or if u people have any suggestion just post? start a weekly activity? :)

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swimming, spinning or try doing functional training, especially those that targets core muscles and leg strengthening exercises :)

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beach activities for fitness.. sure..no running..btw..introducing..just call me uncle..

build and sculpt with sand...creating and perfecting the design works both small and large muscles, especially if the sculpture is super-sized..and by hauling water and sand back and forth from the water's edge..really stretch muscles

jumping...spin body silly into water..like jumping jacks...great workout in beach..

uncle got Waboba Water Balls..very fun..ball skips and bounces on water..can play with self and friends..no need skills..just pure fun.. throw, jump, spin http://www.youtube.com/embed/axVN6Goaitg

oh..suggest play Waboba Water Balls when tides are getting low.. otherwise.. say bye bye to them with high tides.. uncle already lost 2 Balls..

and suggest never use Waboba Water Balls for revenge purpose.. like "hantam bola"..meaning "ball to hit".. uncle kena hit at "private part".. very painful one ok..but shoik.. like what Gilch says, "especially those that targets core muscles and leg strengthening exercises"..why not...come to the beach..hantam bola on uncle's one.. no need run.. just pure fun..with plenty of workout and fitness.. ouch..so hard one..sogood!

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try this..


extracted from part of the article..

Running against the water's resistance, in the deep end where you can't touch, provides many of the benefits of running on land. A flotation belt will help keep you upright and give you stability. Keeping your body erect, with a slight lean, and your gaze forward, run as you normally would on land with your hands pushing back the water. Don't expect to move forward much, says Craig Stuart, a pool-training instructor in Eugene, Oregon. Your leg action can vary: Do high knees and march in place, bend your knee slightly and move your legs as if you were cross-country skiing, or do a more long-striding leg extension.

To gauge your pace, compare how you feel while running in the water with how you feel running on the road (your perceived exertion). Or use your land times as a guide. If you typically do an interval workout of 8 x 400, take your time, say, one minute and 40 seconds, and run 8 x 1:40 at a hard effort in the pool.

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    • Update: Uncle ran "Bukit Timah Bike Trail" illegally to explore route...nearly kena       For your interest, Forest Force 50 15KM route on 29th March 2020 (Sun)     Met their production crew at Dairy Farm Nature Park side...while uncle exit to Singapore Quarry... Yes, if uncle kena caught running at Bike Trail, kena FINE is $2,000. Please follow only Hiking (Runner) Trail like this one at Chestnut Nature Park. Got tip from one of the crew "runners" from the Forest Force 50 Organising Committee, go to the Summit from Hindede side to take the route to Daisy Farm Nature Park, and that is the "pipe line" route of Bukit Timah Nature Park. Sounded like the same Forest Force 50 crew also knew about the Trans Singapore routes. Same theme - a "continuous" route.  only 2 trail races here in Singapore... Aiya, for Uncle, if can run these trail routes every weekend, save money and DIY and  "illegally" enter Bike Trail (more challenging terrain like roller coastal)...hope not kena caught...since uncle sneaked into the Bike Trail "only during wee hours from 3-4am with trail lights"...                 Yet to run the full 25km or 50km route, abuthen Forest Force 50 also got same 15km/25km/50km routes only their Start Point is from Daisy Farm Nature Park. Easy lah, crash course, pretend innocently don't know got race on 29th March 2020 (Sun), and DIY with them ( the real runners for races)... Next week, explore "Trail !Ultra Run" route of Trans Singapore 2020.
    • Update: Info and 15KM route video   Follow this video on Volvic Forect Force 15KM route Actually, uncle ran yesterday from Hindede Mountain Bike Trail (illegally, not for runners) and when exited to Singapore Quarry, met this video production crew as well as "acting runners". Even engaged a conversation with one of the "runners" and find out more information.  
    • please contribute your post on anything you have run to this sub-forum thank you for your contribution, enjoy your running experience 👌
    • ^ I was thinking the same thing. I was optimistically hoping for the outbreak to mellow down by summer (for the northern hemisphere) but then I realise even if that happens, the underlying tension might still be there. So I'm just going to sit out on all international marathons until WHO declares the end of pandemic. Support local events for now!     
    • 2:55! Wow!😅  I don't think I'll ever get to that level since I'm getting on in years... I did consider doing the Sydney Marathon (September) or the CIty to Surf for Active Marathon in Perth (August) instead of my Oct or Nov race, but I'm hesitating. (I don't know if I'll get flagged/scolded by the admins for saying this here) but in Australia I occasionally come across people who, uhm let me just describe as... "not nice". They may not be openly shaking their fists in your face telling you to get out of their country, but they sure will make you feel unwelcome- even if you're not doing anything wrong, are acting on your best manners, and speak fluent English (I grew up in America). You know what I mean? 😓 Now with this virus scare going on, I'm worried they may not treat Asians too well (or even worse) 😨 The world is a big place, and there are many other places to go to in the meantime...
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