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WTS: brand new Asics Gel Nimbus 13 size 11.5

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    • Scenario- MRT will be packed and taxis will be pleased.Baggage desposit dunno can handle anot and got overwhelmed by a horde of runners. Toilets scms say they doubled the amount of toilets.  I can imagine if security at the pens ask the runners to line up rows of two while they can check if they have bib or got enter correct pen anot. OR runners 争先恐后 rush into the pens and security couldn't check them all. For behind waves,dunno will jam at bay east and marina barrage. Imagine need wait for 5 to 10mins den can move?some runners will shove their way through?  I hope no blur sotong  fm runners go wrong way. And it will be interesting to see if any runners will go ecp coffeeshop to eat breakfast before continuing.  ThiS time dunno will diversion anot,though I identified a few possible areas le,or they use sweeper bus to sweep up runners who are unlikely to finish within the cut off timing.
    • I am curious why they drop the NTUC brand and no indication that Young NTUC is still organizing this. it is somewhat confusing (to me) as the inclusion of Income means they are still the organizer. And Income Eco Run sounds a bit weird for those unfamiliar with NTUC income (to me again) - there is a tendency to think that it has something to do with your salary... Rebranding may give the perfect reason for increasing the race fees while introducing new initiatives,,, we shall see...I also prefer the old Run350 name, but understand why they want to drop it...
    • 6 years ago Newton Run started this post run makan... 6 years now Newton Run is still one of the few runs that offer post run makan (Pink Apple still remains the only race organizer that does this for selected runs with 30km and above)... Quite sad that our race quality never really improve over the years if you think about it...
    • I think the arrangement of different pens and staggered timings looks OK on paper. The situation will still be chaotic due to the large crowd, but I am now slightly more positive that there will be some form of control to all the runners. But the slower runners will be sweaty by flag off after walking 1 MRT station extra to the starting point, but I guess we don't have a choice... The last part of the run also makes better sense now - the faster FM runners will not collide with the slower HM runners with the split lanes...after 4H the slower FM runners most likely run in both lanes (since  most of the slowest HM runners will likely have completed by then) and the running paths will not be crowded.   Very likely MRT will still continue lah... I can't imagine the chaotic scenario where 30,000 runners trying to get to Orchard via cab...
    • The mrt line is opened earlier for the public and of course mainly due to Standard Chartered runners... this year nothing heard yet....