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Asics gel nimbus 14

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Anyone has any idea whether any shops in Singapore selling? Not out in the official asics shops yet. And the sales people have no idea when it's coming. The shoe has been released in Europe for months. My current nimbus 13 is due for replacement soon.

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    • Bit of a shameless plug, but I love this race series. Yes, the 2014 edition was really not very 'trail', and I hope the organisers have heard the feedback and improved things on that score. But I love this event and I am a big Salomon fan.  So I hope to see you there!
    • The fella selling the medal for $3. Wonder what is the cost of producing a ELM medal? Did he even realised that this is a coveted and much-touted ELM medal? 
    • If it is any comfort to you, this is my worst 10km ever. I finished 7min slower than 2014...... and the distance is much shorter than HM - so the decline in performance per km is much worse. I started 15minutes after the flag-off, got caught in all the jams and allow myself to slow down instead of trying to manoeuvre past the walkers and slower runners. The momentum is all gone and the legs actually felt heavy at 7km even though I was running so slow. My heart and lungs never have it so easy with the pace I was going.
    • Hi Baoren, quick question for u. Did u and ur group of 2h 20 min pacers stop at all to drink at the hydration stations? I ran with u guys for about half of the HM and I did not see u guys stop to drink a sip of water. I am very impressed! 
    • RACE REPORT FOR IM 70.3 BINTAN 2016 1. Pre-Race This race was originally not in my plan for this year. After some coercing from the gang at Tricators, I decided to sign up even though it is 2 weeks apart from the race in Cebu.    In retrospect I was glad I signed up as it was a good opportunity to 'bounce back' after the disappointing performance in Cebu. Despite that, I am not about to fool myself into believing that I will perform well given the challenging bike course; went into the race with a relax approach of simply wanting to enjoy the race as a tune-up to the full distance race in October.      2. Travel & Accommodation Booked the 0810hrs ferry out to Bintan on Saturday morning with add-on for bike. Reached Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal early at 0630hrs but a queue had already formed at the boarding pass collection counter; most are triathletes. Bike transfer was a breeze. Was handed 2 colour coded bike stickers (for outbound & inbound respectively) that were serialised upon collection of boarding pass. Kept my portion of the serial number & checked-in the bike after pasting the outbound sticker on the top tube. The bike will then be transferred directly to the hotel (if you stay at 1 of the official race hotels).    Cleared the custom quickly upon arrival & boarded the shuttle bus to Bintan Lagoon Resort. The bikes arrived shortly after I reached the hotel & were racked neatly in a depot.    Went to the depot to make arrangement for transferring my bike to the race site for check-in. The staff in-charge checked my serial number slip to ensure that I was the rightful owner before helping me with the transfer arrangement. My bike was then tagged & I was handed another serialised slip for picking up my bike at the race site.    3. Race Check-In The hotel had shuttle service travelling to the race site (Plaza Lagoi vicinity) every 30mins.    Registration was done quickly & smoothly. Race pack is a drawstring bag with a fair bit of foodstuff from Indofood who is one of the main event sponsor. During the online registration I selected the option to purchase a 2XU M-Dot t-shirt with all the athletes' names printed but it turned out to be just an ordinary cotton tee. Perhaps the experience has been good so far therefore I did not have much complains about the cotton '2XU' t-shirt. There was a life size athletes' namelist board where you are encouraged to sign against your own name. A nice VIP touch & definitely a photo worthy opportunity. Other than this the race expo did not have much to offer.   Went to retrieve my bike for check-in from the bus drop-off vicinity. Again the bikes were already neatly racked & serial number was verified before I could whisk off my bike. Did the necessary & head back to the hotel to prepare my race gears.    Skipped the carbo-loading dinner as usual to enjoy my personal time in the hotel away from the crowd.   4. Race Day Boarded the first shuttle bus at 0430hrs to get to race site. Volunteers greet every athlete giving you a warm start to the day ahead. Did the usual bike setup & went to the swim start area to get some warm-up done. The swim course is of relatively shallow water as the beachfront eases into the water with very gradual gradient.   All the athletes were flagged off in the water a short distance from the beachfront according to age group category instead of the self-seeding swim start system. The PROs start their swim in the single loop anti-clockwise course at 0600hrs. The water was relatively clear & flat with almost no currents.       The single loop rolling bike course is known to be rather testing. My Garmin recorded an elevation gain of 767m. The road surfaces were generally smooth & ideal for riding. My objective was simply to survive the bike as I am a weak climber. Spin up all the inclines to save my legs from over-exertion. The water stations were adequately laid out with water & electrolytes handed out in good quality bidons with soft rubberised nozzle. Interestingly, kids will line the course looking for you to give them the bidons in addition to the usual hi-fives. Made it to T2 with relatively fresh legs & no signs of cramps.     The 3-loop flat run course takes place around a man-made lake. Weather was forgiving with good cloud cover shielding the athletes from most of the sun. Aid stations were generally well supplied except a couple that ran out of cold sponges during my last loop.   Satisfied to cross the finish line with a PB in arguably the toughest 70.3 course I have attempted this year. Finisher tee is a polo shirt in either white or black according to your preference. A welcome change from the typical round neck tees.     Once again, volunteers congratulate you with bright smiles as you exit transition with your bike. The post race bike transfer back to hotel & jetty was the same meticulous arrangement of tagging & verifying of serial number.    5. Post-Race Evaluation The race organiser did a brilliant job in putting together the event. I am particularly impressed with the logistical arrangement with the bike. It takes away lots of hassles for the athletes & at no point did I feel that my bike will be lost or mis-claimed. The volunteers were all so enthusiastic & welcoming.   I enjoyed the race thoroughly & look forward to racing in Bintan again.