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Team BMW Runs

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@@ thank u bro dualie.. for the info.. normal runners learn from the pacers themselves.. pacers trained themselves while at ECP..so Sundown pacers pit against SCMR pacers.. in 2011..we had a showdown.. in discussion.. SCMR pacers with milage chart..pace accurately..so why don't normal runners.. after given free shirt on day 1..get a photocopy of pacing milage chart..and can train at their place of convenience..don't need to travel all the way to ECP?.. uncle shares this for marathon runners, most are between 5:30-8:30 Pace Per Km..number low means faster pace, just like 4:30 (6:30 Pace Per Km), 5:00 (7 Pace Per Km), 5:30, 6:00 pace groups, check it out, have fun running marathon.. http://www.marathong...s/pacechart.cfm

and unless runners prefer to run in groups.. motivation.. just carry with this pacing chart.. and motivate your peers and yourself to pace.. would be very fun.. try 10km pace for those who want to hit PB in their next 10km run race..

for endurance run.. everyone needs to know their 5k pace, 10k pace, 21k pace..so that with this they can plan for their marathon run.. in interval training..with heart rate..based on effort of percentage of 10k pace like 60-70% for easy..70-85% for hard training.. to train for marathon.. and using 21k pace.. of HM pace (like AHM).. for the remaining 10+km..final endurance burst..

with that..that will be the reason why sundown training.. starts from 15k, 20k (with gel+banana), 30k (with gel+banana) practices.. is based on 5k pace, 10k pace, and 21k pace.. and on actual day.. 42.2 k..will be the goal of running with full hydration and gels..gel will be the sponsor's expected distribution on race day..

wonder if BMW TEAM mobile..how is their training so far..got sponsor's gel to sample or not while practicing on longer distance like 30km?

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I was just chancing upon the forum and was surprised to see some discussion on the Team BMW Pacers. (:

There will be two runs this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturdays' run will be opened to the general public and will be at 10km distance. Do feel free to come and join us. It will be at 7am, Playground @ Big Splash.

For Sunday, it will be a Team BMW event and will be opened to Team BMW runners. Distance will be at 18km and registration starts from 6:30am.

See you guys if you are coming for any of the runs.

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