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พัทยามาราธอน 2555 Pattaya Marathon

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About the reason half an hour wait for the food on the eve of the run: the food was actually served on time - at 5.00pm as stipulated. I think it was that people started queing up early as soon as they saw the food being brought out.

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King's Cup Pattaya Marathon 2556 (2013)

My slightly modified race report (as to what's on my FB)

Photos and report in FB.


Arrived in Bangkok on Sat morning, transferred by bus to Pattaya and registered on-site at the Central Festival in Pattaya.

Race morning, a 5-min walk to the start line, from where i stayed, to the Central Festival where the start/finish line was.

At 4:20am, the wheelchair racers were flagged off and at 4:30am on the dot, the Full Marathon got on the way. There were over 800 runners in the FM. The first 2 km was flat along the beach front on Beach Road then it turned right onto North Pattaya Road for a long climb up. At the 4 km mark, another right turn onto Sukhumvit Road. One side was closed entirely to traffic so we had all 4 lanes of the road to run on. A long, relatively straight road with undulating slopes. Nothing too steep but just goes up and down. At traffic junctions, the traffic police were there to stop traffic to allow runners the priority to run through. There is not much sceneries to talk about along this main road but it was pleasant to run on, if you don’t mind the slopes. Water stations were spaced out every 2km with cold water with ice cubes in them.

There was a ‘flat’ section of the road from around 15-19km so a bit of relief for those that need a break from slopes. Before I even reached the 18km mark, the front runners were already on their way back. Tackled a couple of slopes before the u-turn point at 22km. Collected a pink wrist band and headed back in the same direction I came from.

After the u-turn, started to look out for familiar faces. Saw a few. At the 30km mark, turned left on a small road and ran along it for 1 km before turning right onto Jomtien Beach. Ran on a narrow cement road, along the beach for the next 5kms, mixing it with a bit of vehicular and human traffic.

At the 37km mark, turned right onto Thap Phraya road and then left onto a long slope up. Up till then, I have ran up all the slopes but have since lost a bit of steam and had to walk/run up this particular one. What goes up must come down! That’s the reward after that climb, a long descend. Pass some Half Marathoners (which started half an hour later) as we ran under a flyover. A final short but rather steep climb then down towards a pier and turned right towards the ‘Walking Street’. A street section lined with eateries, pubs, etc. only for pedestrians. At that time of the day, most were not opened for business. After running through Walking Street, there was less than 2 km to go along Beach Road towards the Start/Finish point. As I could see the tall Hilton Hotel at the Central Festival, I had a visual distance to guide me. Gave what I still had left in me and finished in my ‘warm weather’ PB.

Overall, it was good for runners that just want to drop by and register. They have distances of FM, HM and 10K races. The route may not be the most fantastic but was comfortable to run on. My only gripe is the stretch along Jomtien beach where it’s on a cement road and tends to hurt my feet a bit. It could just be me. Water stations were adequate with ice cold water and some stations had some yellow energy drinks which taste not bad. There were 3 stations with watermelons. There were also sponges available at some stations. Added bonus was that the sky was overcast throughout and that kept the temperature cool enough.

I was done before 9am. Walked back to the hotel, washed up my things, showered, went down to have breakfast then checked out. Headed to the bus terminal on a motorbike and managed to get on the 11am bus to Bangkok. All in all, was in Pattaya for a total of about 20 hours. It was still worth the effort for the run.

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Is this the same pattaya marathon which is to be held on July 27 2014?

To those who have taken part before, any difference in registering on-site vs online?i guess could be the costing (2000 Baht for online vs 3000 Baht for on-site)

still have yet to decide to go for it.

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