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    • ^ I was thinking the same thing. I was optimistically hoping for the outbreak to mellow down by summer (for the northern hemisphere) but then I realise even if that happens, the underlying tension might still be there. So I'm just going to sit out on all international marathons until WHO declares the end of pandemic. Support local events for now!     
    • 2:55! Wow!😅  I don't think I'll ever get to that level since I'm getting on in years... I did consider doing the Sydney Marathon (September) or the CIty to Surf for Active Marathon in Perth (August) instead of my Oct or Nov race, but I'm hesitating. (I don't know if I'll get flagged/scolded by the admins for saying this here) but in Australia I occasionally come across people who, uhm let me just describe as... "not nice". They may not be openly shaking their fists in your face telling you to get out of their country, but they sure will make you feel unwelcome- even if you're not doing anything wrong, are acting on your best manners, and speak fluent English (I grew up in America). You know what I mean? 😓 Now with this virus scare going on, I'm worried they may not treat Asians too well (or even worse) 😨 The world is a big place, and there are many other places to go to in the meantime...
    • Oh, these seem to be nice running routes! I've copied the pictures and am studying them on Google maps. All the way to Changi, that seems fun!!! Thanks to posfe2 & kohpapa! 😊 Hopefully they won't cancel though, so I won't have to DIY a long run 😅    By the way, I did a relaxed 33km LSD today, two months too early for Sundown in May! 😜😜😜 Just my little act of defiance to Covid-19. While we have to be careful, I won't let my worry about this virus control my life exessively.  Hopefully, this optimism may inspire other people as well. We prepare for the worst, but hope for the best! 🥴 #Fight, Wuhan!!! #Fight, Singapore!!! #Korea, Fighting!!! #Ganbatte, Nippon!!! (Japan do your best!) #Fight, Manila!!!
    • Milano City Marathon (Italy) Sunday 5 April 2020 (extract from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milano_City_Marathon) The Milano City Marathon is a marathon race held every April in Milan, Italy. It was first organised in 2000 by the Milano City Marathon Club and the first nine editions were held in November. About Milano Marathon  (extracted info -https://www.generalimilanomarathon.it/en/the-marathon/)       Refund Application Form Padova Marathon (Italy) Sunday 19 April 2020 (FAQ extract from http://www.padovamarathon.com/en/faq/)     Update : Italy PM announces halt to entry and exit from COVID-19 hotspots (info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/italy-pm-announces-halt-to-entry-and-exit-from-covid-19-hotspots-12461774)      
    • The MetaSprint Series Duathlon and Triathlon events are scheduled to proceed as planned: "in an open space, you won't catch the virus from a passing person".  (info - https://www.metasprintseries.com/covid-19-update/)    
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