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I.M.D. Running

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I.M.D. Running - Long Runs

Are you looking forward to savour the moment as you cross the Marathon Finish Line on 4 Dec 2011?

We have scheduled a series of long runs, including proposed distances and different locations, to help you conquer the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore on 4 Dec 2011 confidently.

Schedule of Long Runs

The long runs are designed to help you complete the Marathon, which is especially important if it is your first time. The pace of the run will be a very comfortable one, serving to build your confidence in conquering the Marathon distance of 42.195km.

It may not be useful to you if you have a specific target finishing time as it’s not a customised training program and we are not running a marathon-specific pace (our goal is just to help you finish it, have fun along the way & make new friends)

Even if you are not taking on the marathon, you are most welcome to join us and encourage/motivate others in their quest to complete the Marathon.

If you have any health issues that might have any impact on your training, please get clearance from your doctor/physiotherapist before you join our training. This is critical as your health is our concern.

Do refrain from joining any of the training if your body is unwell. It is better to rest & not strain your body further.

If any unfortunate incident occurs during our training run, we will stop and attend to it immediately.

We recommend you bring along the following:

•Hydration bag/bottle or you can buy from shops along the route


•EZ Link card


•Change of clothes (some places have lockers and we’ll try to have a car to deposit belongings)

It costs absolutely nothing to join our Long Runs.

Registration is not obligatory/not required. But it will help you in case we need to contact you and provide updates. And it'll be an indication of how many people we can expect to appear.

You can register at:

I.M.D. Running - Long Run registration

Join us and receive:

Unforgettable memories and strong friendship

Check us out on Facebook & feel free to join us - I.M.D. Running

We look forward to having you join us in our Long Runs and conquer the Marathon on 4 Dec 2011 confidently!

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