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    • This is what will be expected for the new WMM Age Group Qualifier:   Fyi to all. Uncles and Aunties run like in their 25ers.   This one will be what is in the WMM World Championship.   Info: https://www.worldmarathonmajors.com/agwr/how-it-works/ "Even my Grandmother can run faster than you is true."   Enjoy.    
    • Thank you @starfinder, @SG RED DEVIL, @activerun. I hope one day to be able to sit back and proudly see a Clean Green Marathon. If you are interested in what was happening on trying to bring an eco-awareness to the event, here is my write up: https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2019/12/09/86-singapore-marathon-event/  Will be meeting with the organisers to push forward with further actions. Thank you to everyone who has supported and shared my environmental concerns as we move forward to making our world a more sustainable environment for our future generations. And @kohpapa - thank you for the music
    • How does SA selects Regional Best for a Regional Meet? Criteria: Minimum Medal Potential, and Qualifying Mark attained in a sanctioned SA-AAF-IAAF Meet such as Asia Athletics Championship Meet held in April 2019   A prodigy or competitive athlete, coached or otherwise, performance excellence must be "consistent performance" and worthy to represent as Regional Medalist Candidate and Win Medal at Podium (Fair Play and Sportsmanship). Shanti Veronica Pereira, a prodigy and competitive athlele, coached by Margaret Oh (Specialist Coach in Sprints 100m and 200m) are both congratulated for making Singapore proud for 2019 SEA Games Bronze for both 100m and 200m for Woman. If from performance-based and consistency criteria, we shall encourage Michelle Sng, having an exceptional effort of 1.70m in her Finals against the best of Asia at position 10.  Can she repeat her first attempt and clearance of 1.83m at 2017 SEA GAMES performance? We are behind you, Michelle, for she has gone through pain, injury, as well.... We wish you all the best for the Nation! 9 Dec, 7:10pm High jump women final
    • SA: 2019 SEA Games Marathon Selection - Replacement of SohRunFaster "The SEA Game is just another marathon" criteria Who are they in 2019 SEA Games Marathon?  2 months ago based on today's Uncle sharing - Info is extracted from: https://secondwindnation.com/gordon-lim-surprise-sea-games-marathon/         Both Mok and  SohRunFaster had consistent performance in 5Km/10Km/21Km/42Km competitions in SA-IAAF/AAF Races including University Youth Meets.   There development and progressive programs which enabled the 2 outstanding athletes to be podium and worthy candidates for the Nation's Best and Regional Best shows why. "The SEA Game is just another marathon" selection by SA, had actually derailed from what are the objectives of what the National Sports Body has entrusted to SA, "Where are your Medals to show?". What is your KPI? If likedat, we got hope for anyone here.  Wanted: anyone who had been to Berlin Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon, we need to have a replacement National Candidate for SEA Games 2021. Criteria, you must be a worthy Podium candidate. Agreed with @trailblazer (Coach)  Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) to develop people with potential to succeed in sports. Ideally, we should start to develop children when they are at young age. However, in Singapore, sporting is ..... For the sake of the Nation, please don't STAD - Short-Term Athlete Development. It has never been the Nation's intention to be bestowed a "Fair Play and Sportsmanship" saga reason and win a dishonourable sensational "S’pore SEA Games men’s marathon gold medal streak broken."  Sports build character. Yes, attitude to win and be the best is personal. What is morally wrong, including even if I am given the finisher or podium medal, it is no longer important anymore. What's more it is just sports, and to have used the excuse of "proof me wrong, that I cheated, lied, and based on "factual accounts", even if at disadvantage of 0.5km, or even to disadvantage of a lead of 1km or 2km, a marathoner runner - the sheer perseverance to compete and win the race, no one can describe that feeling..only the best endured wins period. Otherwise, show us evidence of consistency performance, on the field, as well as to show us, "Performing Marathoner" face saving grace? What is your Qualifier-to-Proof. Isn't that the same critieria of 2019 Games Marathon Race? Only the Best represents the Regional Best? SA KPI - 2 Bronze and 0 Goal. The pressure of Gold is now on Michelle Sng for High Jump (Woman).  Michelle Sng saga with SA? That one, wait until the event, then we see what's the reaction later on lah... Enjoy 2019 SEA Games (Athletics) with uncle here, exclusively. 
    • My HM streak. Been running this since 1st year. Hope can do so in 2020
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