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    • Now that you are excited about what is ahead of 2020, uncle shall end last post in this forum with this local run video production which have inspired uncle to Run Around Singapore.     A trans-Singapore FM route for your consideration. Wishing all, your families, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  End.
    • my dear @Lady Ice, let uncle explains simply... Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda The Abbott World Marathon Majors is a series consisting of currently 7 of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world. Wanda Group or Dalian Wanda (Chinese: 大连万达), is a Chinese multinational conglomerate based in Beijing. China's Wanda buys Ironman Triathlon owner for $650 million. Wanda’s business enterprise is to widely market global extreme, endurance sport in the world. Wanda 大连万达 markets and promotes those cities that are in this exclusive club, Abbott World Marathon Majors. Ironman Triathlon is the Event host for SCSM and subsequently an entry candidate in consideration to join Abbott World Marathon Majors. Our Authority seizes the golden opportunity what is about Abbott World Marathon Majors via Ironman (aka Wanda subsidiary) hosting SCSM. IAAF provides the sanctioned Road Race Labels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) Rules and Regulations to any country which want to host must meet the strict selection trial required as entry to the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Invitation to World ranking runners must be regional, not continental only is what the objective of the Platinum Label (new category for those IAAF Road Race Gold Label) starting in 2020. Singapore, being having the financial resources, has the advantage. The disadvantage is the size of participants. In order to increase the size and qualifying runners, she needs to invite regional runners to participate. Expect STB no more Promotion loh (like what @lonewolf said) is to aggressively Promoting the Hub of Marathons of SEA to the World.   Mok and Soh had been SEA Marathon Champions. So the Platinum Label which also requires a Race Championship for SEA Best Runners category, fits the IAAF's objective of a regional representation, not continental-based. Soh (or even Mok) can be the Ambassador as well as the Defending Champion of SEA Marathon Contingent. sgRunners, Advisory Running Partner to SCSM-Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda initiative. We hope that the Authority can take more concerted marketing efforts to inform and promote to the Nation why SCSM entering Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda is a landmark for Singapore Marathon: * We have the Regional Defending Champions. * We have the Resources. * We have the Venue. * We have the IAAF route (Gold to Platinum Label). * We have the Ironman (Vanda subsidiary) as Host. * We need to have more Participants and Qualified Runners. (Why not race in the Evening?) The only missing stakeholder is the Outcry of the Citizens of the Nation that are not aligned with the Authority and the Running Community on why we want to have Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda on Saturday Evening (First Sat/Sun of Every December). We must continue to build the "bridge" for better communication, in collaboration with the Authority, looking forward to 2020. Meanwhile, everyone must prepare to chong 4:00:00 - FM (not HM). Some here already are almost there. We are proud of you.
    • Ok - so am old lah 😛 - been  on this forum for far too long...
    • Saga 1: The SA's internal carding system - which allocates athletes up to $1,200 per month based on various criteria - had expired month without the necessary follow-up. (info: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/officials-say-track-body-must-sort-out-disputes)   Saga 2: Against paying Singapore Athletics share of award money  (info: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/football/soh-against-paying-sa-share-of-award)   Summary: Soh (did not take part), Michelle Sng (did not win a Gold Medal), and Shanti Veronica Pereira ( Collected 2 Bronzes), the 2 Sagas will not affect Shanti Veronica Pereira because she can stay on with the $1,200 monthly allowance, happily with her Coach, and she gets her 2-Bronze Award for her Performance (and surely gladly give 20% to SA). SA will be delighted with the 2-year Excellence Peak Performance Program till 2021. The greatest loser in the Sagas is Soh because he will not have both - $1,200 monthly allowance, and already based on his PB, he could have collect a Gold Medal from 2019 SEA Games with an Award of $10,000. Even if he will be unwilling to share with the 20% to SA. SA only loss "$2,000" but save $1,200 monthly allowance for Soh for the next 2 years (savings of $28,800). SA -+$28,600 vs Soh -$10,000 - $28,800 (2020-2021) As for Michelle, she already said she wants to retire in 2017, but the surprise Gold Medal on that year makes her a defending Champion. Pain, Injury and Tears - for every jump. Plus she has reached beyond 30, and to be family-focused should be her entitlement in life. High Jump has given her a sporting life and to announce her honourable retirement from the call of Nation. It will be expected. SA - which has been controversial from the core. Change the whole SA? How many times have SA changed? Life as Usual. No change is better then to Change. Whatever. Marathon has been a Gold Medal for SEA Games. We will surely make a comeback. Without SA, marathoning is the only key spark in Athletics that even without $1,200 monthly allowance, Mok and Soh can be regional champions. So you know what Mok's Saga with SA, "Uncle, you say lah, the $1,200 monthly allowance, don't have money how to go overseas for marathon qualification mark closer to SEA Games, use personal paylah!" Now, everyone knows what is SAga is about right? "Money Not Enough, how to run overseas Marathon races." "What I win, is all Mine not yours, SA."  "SA :  gain $28,600 vs Soh minus $10,000 minus $28,800 (2020-2021)" "Ashley Liew demands S$120,000 in damages from teammate Soh over ‘false’ claims about sportsmanship act still outstanding."   Uncle wishes SohRunFaster Gets Lots of Money for the year of the Metal Rat (2020).   and many Running! 
    • The shorter answer may be there are many IAAF races but only 7 WMM (at the moment). So its a combination of scarcity and prestige.  And one more thing. STPB no more P liao. STPB was established in 1964. Nowadays it just STB (since 1997!)
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