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Not sure if anyone still visits this thread. I'm looking for people to do runs with, to start run around pioneer area to jurong lake or "reachable" places. Am looking to clock mileage at comfortable pace and make new friends.

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    • looks like you ready to return to work after June 1...still actively in Exercise (Run) at North East (Pasir-Ris/Punggol/Tampines)...ūüė∑
    • uncle's 10th next year...sgRunners... it is summer-time soon...USA,¬†uk, Sweden......in Europe...5 seasonal jobs most will spend money to travel for pleasure (because¬†not working during¬†seasonal break)...while few would pick up the seasonal jobs available...kind of "shared" job for work-life-family balance lifestyle...¬† of course, it is never possible here locally, telling others that you taking a job vacation break is like, "you kena fired or retrenched....so young or you are not old enough (like above 70s/80s) still want to to retire meh...don't be so seow and "gong kia" meaning "not so smart kid"...ūüė∑
    • Yah sgrunners for 15 years... need another thread for that.¬† ¬† covid 19 second wave has a high probability due to poor attitudes and a growing apathy in very wealthy nations. Unfortunately the USA,¬†uk, Sweden¬†have money to spend for travel and business....There will be countries that will readily accept tourist and business from these countries who I would consider as high risk. Once that happens the chain begins and others will be silently spreading this disease. Immunity systems are growing stronger in these countries are growing stronger with summer &¬†more sunlight. Am predicting second wave in August / September as fall begins. ¬† ¬†
    • I bought that exact brand, "Ultra Mask" face mask before the CB period, feels it is thicker than the reusable mask given on the first round of distribution. Tried to run with it and decided against it after half a klick.¬† I prefer to run with a buff, to cover the mouth and nose area when passing other runner or people.¬† ¬† ¬†
    • Celebrating the coming of 15 years of sgRunners...in 2020... ¬† ¬† well, it is good for all to know....once sgRunners were Siao Garang Runners...
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