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Sling Runner

2XU apparels

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I am just curious about your signature - why must you not run above 10K?

Because I am medically certified unfit to run to catch the bus. So 10K is already pushing it abit hehe!

A number of pals here know about my story liao. :D

Talking about 2XU, I incidentally got my first 2XU apparel without planning to buy it. Was at the OCBC Cycle race pack collection when I discovered they ran out of stock for my cycling shorts which I pre-ordered. With little cash on me, I had to look around the exhibitors for a dealer who can accept nets, and found the newton stall selling 2XU cycling bibs. Ending up buying that coz I bobian liao, and I am happy to report that I did not regret my purchase!

Recently bought the 2XU set on offer for the 2XU run too. Those long pants needs some getting used to thou..

Where do you guys get your 2Xu from? IS there like a place that would be relatively cheaper?

If you don't mind, 2nd-hand ones are cheaper. =)

2nd hand? where to get? :unsure:

Clean or not? :D

I also have a Comp Tri Shorts (padded for cycling comfort), blue color (see photo)


This is brand new, selling for $60


PM me if interested

Wonder if you are selling the top as well haha. I don't mind checking this out, although I would have preferred if it was bib shorts.

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Will be getting a pair of compression shorts and wondering what the difference between the 'Comp' and 'Elite' version of the tights.

I understand the specifications but would like to know the actual reviews from you guys instead. Does it really make a difference?


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More and more folks start donning their compression tights nowadays.

Whether normal runs or marathons, there is no shortage of.

I think the sport of running seems to take a different fashion path.

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