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Swissalpine (78km, 42km, 31km, 21km)

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Not sure anyone in sgrunners has participated in this before - mountain marathon in the swiss alpine. A few categories are available:

78.5km - elevation delta is +/- 2260m. 12 hours cutoff

42.2km - elevation delta +1890/-1710m, 8.5 hours cutoff

42.2km - elevation delta +450/-1070m, 7 hours cutoff

30.7km - elevation delta +320/-820m, 4.5 hours cutoff

21.1km - elevation delta +680m/-190m, 5:45 hours cutoff

fee is between 40 to 97 Euro for the early bird. More detail in website.


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Looks tempting but had to skip this one this...

Phuket is on 14th June and SCKLM is on 28th June...

Futhermore need to save up for the trip...

my guess,its not going to be a cheap trip...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • actually, to run in any FM distance can be either as SCSM 2020 Grand Finale FM VR 1 Session or SCSM 2020 Grand Finale FM Challenges 2-3 Sessions depending on announcements... Surely, the Technology that would enable SCSM 2020 -  "Runners can create avatars for the Virtual Route" will be delivered by TCS (if this will be announced that TCS shall also return in 2020)...congratulations, TCS had won the Silver Stevie in Innovation in Entertainment for SCSM 2019 Offical Race App... yes, reported that the audio (audience cheering) with augmented reality of visual "route" with iconic singapore landmarks... if there is a virtual marathon route, meaning there should be a "designated" route...meant for Elites? meant for VR "selective" Runners or for ALL participants...TBA Well, let's say for now...hydration and nutrition points are virtual, so go and figure out how then to DIY on supplementing your personal hydration and nutrition points on your "preferred routes"...cupless or personal bottles...as long as you don't anyhow dispose any place...otherwise, @Lady Ice will virtually appear as an avatar and "gentle reminder" to Keep the Race Course Clean & Safe... wonder if her avator also include a tyre... Had seen many runners in recent days using the "ECP preferred routes" as for their SCSM VRs on weekends or SCSM Challenges on weekday... very obviously, these are SCSM Virtual Club members, warming up and earning Points and Badges for their effort... of course, uncle collected Points and Badges at non-crowded "preferred routes"...just collected VR4-5KM, tomorrow will "gun" time for VR4-15KM.. so what's next week VR5-??KM...hope it should be 20KM or 10KM (because not awarded yet) and 17KM (reminds uncle of banana and gel station aka checkpoint)...looking exciting.... So, are you gearing up for SCSM Grand Finale VR or Challenges?...no need to pay for 5km, 10km and 21km to register, you can howlian (show-off) your digital badges as evidence, and we can see your results as a Virtual Club Community.... Earn Your Running Points with Credits and How Lian with Pride on your Badges...still waiting for what?😀
    • really hope that the best athletes can represent Sg and not have internal fights amongst Committees and athletes.. 
    • these virtual races and challenges really will help runners to prepare for the finale.... but considering to run the FM distance alone without any spectators or water point can be a real challenge...
    • Standard Chartered Bank..renewed title sponsorship with Singapore Marathon until 2023...    
    • SRY who has a stake on future selection for 2021 SEA GAMES...in his FB..commented...   so ST Virtual Run finisher 175KM...can be called as Ultra National Athlete...lol  eat more🍿...who shall be the new SA Management Committee on 25 September...
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