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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not sure where to share this. This is jus a sharing on the MDS. I'm taking part in 2018 MDS, a multi-stage self sustain ultra marathon, 251km across 6 days in the sahara desert. I'm not sure if anyone from Singapore have attempted and finished this. Currently I have 3 Standard Chartered Marathon finish, a couple of Ultra (60km) under my belt. I'm not a fast runner, my pace is on the slow side, but my stamina is good. I can run for hours and hours across 80km. My current weekly mileage is around 80km-100km. I've training for this for 4 months, and as of today I still have 11 more months. I have a coach from the US, Liza Howard, who is training me for the event. She's a very respected Ultra runner and completed the MDS a few times herself, thus first hand experience. In fact, she will be joining the MDS next year with me. The entry cost of the race is an astonishing 3100Euros, not including flight and gears. In fact I spent about $1k on gears. I'd like to hear views, opinions and advises from fellow ultra runner to guide me through this 11 month of training. I believe this run would be an extraordinary experience which I hope to share with every passionate runners out there.
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