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  1. My race report for The Great Relay Singapore: http://wp.me/p4ZOuO-1sG

  2. Race report of the Translantau 100. http://wp.me/p4ZOuO-1lR

  3. Here's my event report on the inaugural Runners Convention 2015: http://klou.tt/1u6x6r1rwymc4

  4. A moment with Haile Gebrselassie http://wp.me/p4ZOuO-1fy

  5. Did anyone get their baggage deposit plastic bag? Mines not inside... Also, any place to get pace bands at the expo?
  6. An interview with the President of the 4 Desert race series! http://wp.me/p4ZOuO-19r

  7. A Glimpse of Desert Racing - Part 1 http://wp.me/p1HxAY-18M

  8. Here it is folks, the Translantau 50km Race Report. The first race in the road to UTMB qualification. http://wp.me/p1HxAY-13U

  9. Video log from Translantau, race report coming soon! https://vimeo.com/89287045

  10. Quick recap of this year's Sundown. http://wp.me/p1HxAY-NE

  11. A short race review of this year's ESNT. http://wp.me/p1HxAY-Ms

  12. Race report of the Sabah Adventure Challenge 2013: http://wp.me/p1HxAY-Iq

  13. Will be doing my third VO2 max test this month. http://wp.me/p1HxAY-DS

  14. My race review of TNF100 is out! http://wp.me/p1HxAY-ym

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