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  1. SCSM 09 done. Now thinking about 2010 races. Not sure whether Sundown is worth running?

  2. oh.. i change now... tigger gave me wrong information :redface: No lah, my fault . Pai seh, my PM was ful of grammatical and spleelling mistks :tongue_smilie: Anyway, am looking forward to wearing the special CBD running top when I get back :smilie_daumen1:
  3. Hi Ah Bee, I think there was a mistake for my size. It should be M, rather than L. But if it is too late to make the change, then never mind... will give me good reason to eat more and fit the L size better
  4. Hey Tiwazz, pls count me in for the CBD runners' T-shirt
  5. so, the menu next week is 2X50m "interval training" to the mr bean n old chang kee stalls ah I want Old Chang Kee curry puffs!! :tongue_smilie:
  6. Wow, 2nd anniversary already? Happy celebrations to all the new and "old" CBD runners! :cheers: The CBD run is indeed a very special SGRunners group event - where the unexpected often happens...
  7. Hey LT, that is a lovely picture! Great to see that the CBD running spirit is going on strong as before
  8. It will be the same route as last week. Enjoy the final CBD run before SCSM everyone Can feel the SCSM excitement all the way here in the US!
  9. beware of elephant !!! i tink i know what you are describing ... LSD ... ya interested - plz keep me posted of coming LSD with prata !!! :Star: Wow, u understand my elephant . :He He: LSD we do weekly, but more than often, it is not with Prata. The group here prefer tim sum. tim sum= red star :smilie_daumen1: dinner count me in, but must remind me when the date is near I want to eat Dim Sum!! :Cry:
  10. That is because .. you are missing a word in your dictionary. Now no strength to even walk, how to carry a dictionary around? BTW, don't give krazy kops any ideas hor... next time he may really ask us to carry dictionaries and run! :Worried:
  11. Despite being a Star Trek Fan, I never knew that"Beam me up Scotty" meant 90 storeys :sweat: :sweat: .... Pity I didn't have enough dilithium crystals to power up the leg muscles :tongue_smilie:
  12. wah...so siong arhh? :sweat: nvm...no pain, no gain...hill training is good for your marathon prep :smilie_daumen1: Thanks for the encouragement Dream Yah, I think the MF hills will certainly help to boost my confidence for the reportedly gentle slopes of the NYC marathon
  13. Thanks for a GREAT run today Enjoyed exploring the slopes, loops and perils of MF for the first time at such an intensity... :sweat: Big kam sia also to all who provided the much needed isotonic drinks at the end of the run :cheers: Need to resume stretching or else may not be able to walk properly tomorrow! haha
  14. Hmmm... :Thinking: "Twist"... Must bring powergel ah?? :Shocked:
  15. Me too I was very glad to join in the training session yesterday. Kam sia to Tigger and Tiwazz for coordinating the run and looking after us. Realised that I have a lot to learn about interval training still, and hope to understand what is the best pace for me in time to come
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