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  1. OhMyGod reply as below: 1) As a moderator, u fail. When A & B have different view, y drag unrelated EDMW into it & say bad about them? So many times, out of nowhere, u hammer EDMW. Just because EDMW catch u is fake scientist, u angry? Then u shall angry with the person that post (must be your good friend), not EDMW -- another fail. 2) Sgrunner is a chat place about running. EDMW is a chat place EverythingUnderTheSun. If u like the topic, then it is tasteful & pleasant. If u do not like the topic then it is unedifying. Of course when they catch Fake Scientist, u feel unedifying. 3) Years back, I had posted in sgrunner to check Fake Scientist. About the first 20 reply is " I m his friend, confirm he is Scientist, he know everything,..... ". The funny thing is y Philip MIA. So I keep ask about Fake Scientist. Then a reply " unhappy go away" Of course I not happy & keep ask . Another reply " his nickname only" I said y need so many nickname. Another reply " he is moderator, so can" I said "everyone follow the rules". Finally, Philip reply " I no longer Scientist, I left my workplace. I said when lawyer leave his office, he is still a lawyer" Now u said Admin aka TLR aka the founder of this forum created your Fake Scientist. U all very fake.
  2. OhMyGod, wat is bad about EDMW style? Everyone has their own style. Philip, this is not the first or 2nd time personal attacks or baseless accusations against EDMW. Pls do not use SGrunners as your platform. Just because EDMW catch u is fake scientist, u angry? Deng Xiaoping said: It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.
  3. OhMyGod, Good info. Short distance = Not good Long distance = Not good Rule of Time 1 to 2 hr
  4. wwwlimlim

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    OhMyGod gongxi all winners. 18.45KM Men's Competitive Run Rank Bib No. Name Finish Time 1 18580 Ben Moreau 01:02:49 2 19260 Foo Gen Lin 01:07:16 3 18089 Gordon Lim 01:07:17 Women's Competitive Run Rank Bib No. Name Finish Time 1 22059 Maki Inami 01:11:01 2 21077 Rie Sugaya 01:13:34 3 21192 Mok Ying Rong 01:13:57
  5. OhMyGod, how many Kkj u have ? So many good runners had post Do not join Say No to Sexpensive race
  6. wwwlimlim

    World Marathon Record Broken

    OhMyGod, Eliud Kipchoge, the most decorated marathoner on the planet, is a man of immense self-discipline. He rolls out of bed at 5 a.m. for his morning runs. He once wrote down a formula: Motivation + Discipline = Consistency
  7. OhMyGod, Medal is Bigger Bolder Gold-er. Introducing the new #SCSM2018 Marathon medal 🏅 Wear it with pride after completing 42.195km on 9 December.
  8. OhMyGod, young member should have open mind & learn from seniors. Read her posts to find your answer. runners need to displayed sportsmanship. member bookie , content count 77, joined march22 2017 Follow member View Profile
  9. wwwlimlim

    OXFITT Run Till Dark 2018 - 21 Jul (Sat)

    OhMyGod, TOP 50 Runners will recieve an OXFITT Compression set WORTH $168 *For top 50 men’s and top 50 women’s **Results are based on gun time. Good Luck to all
  10. OhMyGod Joined sgrunner forum on April 5, 2006 & has been running since 19**. Strongly agree
  11. wwwlimlim

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018

    OhMyGod thanks Ah Siao & Cindy Ong. Hope more runners r aware & not loss $. https://running-with-cindy-ong.blogspot.com/2018/06/facts-frauds-and-fallacy-11-reasons-to.html Facts, Frauds and Fallacy: 11 Reasons to Run Away From Tan Swee Tiong Lexxus, Head Coach of Mizuno F1 Runners/ CBD Run/ HPB DownTown Run / i-RUN
  12. wwwlimlim

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018

    OhMyGod, AH Siao Spring HELP SPREAD. I have reached out and am talking to Queensland Tourism Board and other relevant organisations to see if we can do the following for those affected by the Gold Coast Package being cancelled last minute by Lexxus/F1: 1. Get bulk prices for those that still wanna fly 2. Transfer of race entries to next year. ... Nothing is confirmed, but if we don't try, we dont know. As we are doing this pro bono, out of voluntary good will, please be patient with us. All those keen for assistance, email admin@runpilgrim.com with your mobile no. and indicate if you still intend to try to fly over, or if you would like to transfer race entries to next year. We emphasize again, that nothing is firmed and we are trying our best to help as many runners as possible. Please share this message to those you know affected.
  13. OhMyGod, 1st place , Arrow Chan 2nd place, Priscilla Chew 3rd place, Brian Tey Let us do our part, who do u think should win? to vote Arrow Chan, click https://www.theperformanceseries.sg/participant/arrow-chan/ to vote Priscilla Chew, click https://www.theperformanceseries.sg/participant/priscilla-chew/ to vote Brian Tey, click https://www.theperformanceseries.sg/participant/brian-tey/ to vote Malobika Pramanick, click https://www.theperformanceseries.sg/participant/malobika/ to vote Arnold, click https://www.theperformanceseries.sg/participant/arnold/
  14. OhMyGod also want to show love and support to sister Priscilla "" In addition, you can show your love and support by voting Priscilla Chew's story - click below to vote! Your vote has been counted! Thank you! Votes to date: 221 ""
  15. wwwlimlim

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Of course u can cut hole in any "company" shirt, like nike, 2XU, NB, etc. Of course "company" can take action against u. If done by Tom or Jerry, usually the "company" will not waste their time & money.