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  1. OhMyGod, lelong sale started @facebook - Singapore Running Flea Market
  2. OhMy God, runners need to pay higher $ because the company made a loss or the company profit not enough?
  3. OhMyGod, A Stomper who participated in the 10km race alerted Stomp to the situation & "None of the competitive prizes has been realised". Pink Apply said that race results have already been tabulated but will only be posted "upon fulfilment of a contractual obligation by Key Power International". In response to a Stomp media query, Key Power Sports said: "For the 2XU Compression Run result, there are technical issues and we are doing our best to update as soon as we can." https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/2xu-compression-run-2019-organiser-delays-release-of-runners-race-results-due-to?fbclid=IwAR2NZCS2SnNVtRgK729DNyEgekVzeJg8a8Ii6XurTigFPtwoSgvCYfMvA4c
  4. OhMyGod, Pink Apple official statement here: http://www.pinkapple.com.sg/2XU.pdf
  5. OhMyGod, 2 More seller sell at $35. More good news for last minutes runner
  6. OhMyGod, 21km slot price drop as low as $40 @ Facebook Singapore Running Flea Market. Good news for last minutes runner
  7. OhMyGod, where got i "so upset about supporting Sundown" ? @kohpapa, is because u anyhow say sundown make "too much financial loss". I had explain that is not the situation. R u saying yourself upset sundown make profit ?
  8. OhMyGod, where got "too much financial loss" ? @kohpapa, again & again, u r 'in the wrong direction'. Yes, runner never give up Sundown 2017 target 30 000 runners. Ideally, if 30 000 runners, will make Profit Y. 27 000 runners register, making about 90%profit Y. Is this profit or "too much financial loss" ?
  9. OhMyGod, where got "too much financial loss" ? & go under (liability)... ? @kohpapa, again u r 'in the wrong direction'. Try harder. SD & SC marathon - after deduct all overhead cost, still made $. Is this profit or financial loss? SWW - also made $, but SWW does not pay his subcontractor. Important for all is, pls get the fact right
  10. OhMyGod, where got "too much financial loss" ? & go under (liability)... ? @kohpapa, try too hard, too bad, u r 'in the wrong direction'
  11. saw many camera man that night. Anyone know the link ?
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