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  1. Looking forward to Race Against Cancer tomorrow !

    1. kwlee


      have a good run!

    2. garyleo


      Yes, I had :) hope u did too.

  2. Hey, let's run again !

    1. icebaby


      yep! where? lol

  3. I am really getting excited over the park connectors around Sengkang and Punggol waterfront :) Everybody must check it out.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. garyleo


      Welcome ! Using imapmyrun on iPhone, I have mapped many routes in this area, ranging from 8km to 15km to 21km. Every points along the water edge are so connected now and fantastic !

    3. davidtkl


      I ran the Punggol water front..very nice stretch !!

    4. garyleo


      It's pretty flat and easy on the legs. A more challenging one is run from Anchorvale along the river towards Punggol Marina and along the sea front towards Punggol end and then the 2 giant slopes afterwards and back to Compass Point

  4. Awesome run route along Sengkang East waterway to Punggol Promenade.

    1. icebaby
    2. glay78


      Its opened already?

    3. garyleo


      Yes :) but not the complete outer peripheral from Punggol Marina to Punggol Promenade. Punggol Waterway that connects Sengkang West through Punggol to the Promenade is complete.

  5. Only good thing :) We all had a great time this morning at Nike on a beautiful Sunday morning.

  6. Another good run at Nike this morning, 52 min PB :) sabai sabai dee

  7. Hey, your profile needs updating....

  8. Hi, heard about you from David,Eric,Eugenia and Icebaby..hello

  9. Hi Eric, yo yo yo :)

  10. Good time for me today in 1 hour 34 min for KoTR Malaysia :) I am happy

    1. gtlife64


      congrats!! wat's up next?

    2. garyleo


      Nike Run,Real Run, KOTR Manila, Newton Run, Penang Bridge FM, SCSM FM...so many lah...how's yours like ?

  11. All ready for KOTR Malaysia

  12. Race withdrawal symptom settling in now with no scheduled race events for me for August 

  13. Hello. Always nice to know runners around the neighbourhood.

  14. Good run for the Marina 21k. Equal time on PB.

  15. All geared up for Marina21

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