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  1. Anyone want to sell your SCSM Finisher Tee, 2019 (Men, size M)?
  2. Register for #SCSM2018 on 11 April 2018! Standard Chartered Singapore Cardholders enjoy 15% off registration fees so stay tuned as we reveal more details to #SCSM2018 real soon ? Don’t have a card? Apply for two credit cards now and get up to $120 cashback upon activation. Plus, receive an additional $20 cashback when you make 5 qualifying mobile wallet transactions using your newly approved credit card. T&Cs apply –sc.com/sg/credit-cards/cardssignup-tnc — with Tall Shufen, Rob Lim and Arthur Chai.
  3. Still cheaper than SCSM! ? and other 3rd world country marathons. Local people still can sign.up as a foreigner to run the SCKLM if they want or just give SCKLM a miss.
  4. I Run HAPPY.:-)

    1. gtlife64


      A happy and contented runner :) haha

  5. S$20/=...is it okay to you?

  6. No...I can't. Anyway, I can take size L for the NB Real run for you...:-)

  7. All are M size except NB Run, I still haven't pick up my race pack. :-)

  8. Willing to let go my KOTR singlet at S$15/=. :-)

  9. Yes, I am doing RunNus and NB Real Run. :-)

    No problem, I can sell it to you. What's your size?

  10. You taking part in the RunNUS/NB real run this yr? thought of getting the event tee from you

  11. Hi. Nobok.

    I saw your message in the forum (KOTR Singapore)that you want to buy the event singlet, I can sell it to you. what colour do you want and your size? Please reply to my fb or my profile.

  12. It's so weird! No posting of messages in forum, I have a negative reputation in my profile! Shit!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. yamkamhoong


      My friends told me that I have a negative 1 reputation in my profile. Recently, I don't have any posting of messages in the forum, it's so weird that people simply how give me a minus in my previous posting. I really don't know how come I have enemy here....haha... It is not the correct way to dislike people!

      Is it fun to them?

    3. handphone77


      Just ignore them Al, we stick to fb for discussion.

    4. Top Chan

      Top Chan

      No need to worry....the lonely runner has removed the reputation thinggy. :-)

  13. Hi. Supergal.

    Told by my Malaysian runners friends, the Sunto Eco Race is taken over by the Royal and the place is in Pangkor Island. Detail will out in June, 2011. I'll keep u inform. 3days 2night,3 in a team to conquer the virgin jungle, with map and compass in Nov,2011. haha...that's all I know. Eco Challenge is not easy, but fun and a real challenge to runners. Cheers.

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