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  1. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Hi. Lady Ice. Runners are too tired already during the run, eventhough they threw their disposable bottles,paper cups, empty gel packets, or banana skin into the bins....also cannot aimed properly. They saw got bins, they just threw their rubbish into it, rather than threw it on the ground. Please forgive the runners. After the race, there are cleaners to clear the rubbish.....and some old uncles came to collect the empty disposable can. To me, I helped to collect the disposable wet towels at the ending point, to recycle as a charity donation to the 3rd world country. The 100plus towels quality is very good....3rd world country don't mind to re use the disposal towels.
  2. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Missed buses because of breaking protocol The IRONMAN team further said that they had instructed the volunteers for the route teams in previous briefings to wait one hour after the last runner passed their station and only make their way to the next one after that hour. According to the organisers, some of the volunteers had left the station just as the last runner passed, which may have resulted in missed buses and coordination. Leaving their station immediately was also against protocol. Rude treatment because of panicking and miscommunication Addressing the incident where a student named Hannah Zalkaff was reprimanded in a rude manner, IRONMAN said that the matter occurred between Hannah’s fellow volunteer and a member of the Athlete team for volunteers. When the friend was unable to get information about her duties, she asked another one of her friends instead of her captain, which resulted in panicking and stress. This may have caused the verbal altercation. This incident was resolved later when the two parties were asked to discuss the incident. The person who spoke rudely to Hannah has since apologised and the matter settled. $20 allowance IRONMAN Singapore said that the kids were in no way required to pay for their transportation costs and were either required to walk from one station to another (which, according to IRONMAN was 850 meters at most) or to wait for the buses which were being coordinated during the race. IRONMAN reiterated that volunteers to different events held by other firms weren’t normally awarded any allowance at all but Standard Chartered wanted to provide it. These students were given $20. A WhatsApp group for the volunteer captains was established to help coordinate the volunteer teams. The volunteers would only be able to be picked up by the buses if the coordinators had given the signal–this is why they had to wait one hour after the last runner passed their station. Read the full statement from IRONMAN below: What do you think of these students and their complaints? Let us know in the comments!
  3. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    IRONMAN Singapore confirms complaints did not come from official volunteers After a few “volunteers” from one team working during Standard Chartered Singapore marathon complained about several issues that cropped up during the event, a representative from the event released a statement detailing answers to the complaints. What were the complaints? According to Daryl Chia, 19, a student from Republic Polytechnic, he and some of his co-volunteers waited inordinate amounts of time for volunteer buses to not arrive and were unable to get any food or water from the event Some experienced rude treatment from people working with the marathon and overall poor coordination and planning with regards to their duties. But records show that Daryl and other complainants were not officially registered volunteers. Instead, they were part of a transport team organised by their school. They were required to help out at the marathon to complete some school requirements, but were not officially linked with the marathon. IRONMAN Singapore and marathon sponsor Standard Chartered answer the complaints Lack of food and drinks for volunteers In a statement released by the marathon organisers, the staff said that they ensured that their volunteers had all the infrastructure and supplies they needed–if they had gone to the registration area to get their paraphernalia. IRONMAN said that all official volunteers were given a wristband and three coupons so they could claim a bento meal, a bag of snacks and all the bottled water they would need at the registration area. Daryl Chia mentioned that he was not given any wristband or coupons and was briefed to go to the first station at once, without going to any registration area. But how would he, when he wasn’t even registered? The briefing reportedly happened in his school prior to the event. He only attended one briefing and was unable to recall the name of the representative. IRONMAN records show that they had conducted two briefings at Republic Polytechnic, one on November 7 and another on November 9. There was also a public briefing organised on November 4.
  4. Vietnam Jungle Marathon (Tiếng Việt) 13-15 April 2018 Welcome to the brand new challenge from VMM with routes of 25km, 42km and 70km. Pu Luong Nature Reserve near Mai Chau lies around 140km south west of Hanoi. It is an area where time stands still. Pu Luong is home to ancient jungle, soaring limestone peaks, vibrant rice paddy fields and small villages where life goes on as it has for generations. Many of these remote villages are still connected by dirt trails and singletrack with plenty of challenging climbing to conquer in between. You will share the route with buffaloes and people from the minority communities, although some of the more remote sections you are not likely to see anybody on race day except another runner. Many of the villages here see little or no tourism, meaning this race is an opportunity to discover truly untouched Vietnam. The trails are all on routes marked under the supervision of our Head of Trails from the original VMM. Water and fruit will be available at aid stations every 10-15km. Runners doing the marathon or the ultra-distance must bring their own additional energy bars, gel or personal food and other important mandatory equipment . Very strong sun or heavy rain is always a possibility in the mountains. Any participation in this unique event is completely at your own risk and you will be required to sign a waiver in order to participate. After the race we will create a very special running party atmosphere at the Ban Hang Race Village within the Nature Reserve. Here you can enjoy food, share your experience with your fellow runners and in the evening enjoy a roaring bonfire as the stars come out in the night sky above. Bring your family, your friends or join this unique event on your own. Just like at the original VMM, you don’t have to be a fast runner, but you better be tough and ready for a unique adventure! Who are going to this Vietnam Jungle Marathon 2018? Sign up@ www.vietnanjunglemarathon.com
  5. Any one is going for this trail race? Translantau 100 = HK$1,380 (+processing fees) TransLanta 50 = HK$650.00 (+processing fees) Last date: 20/10/2017
  6. NOTHING IS WRONG! Wildly did it correctly. Thank for your suggestions to him.
  7. Malaysia Marathon 2017 - Sun 1 Oct 2017

    Anyone is going for this Malaysia Marathon? Malaysia Marathon 2017 - REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN Date: 1.10.2017 (Sun) Time: 4:30am Venue: Dataran Merdeka Distance: 42km / 21km / 10km Fee: RM60 / RM55 / RM48 Registration: http://home.hooha.asia/MalaysiaMarathon2017.aspx
  8. Athens Marathon 2017. SUN Nov 12

    Now, Singapore have the Scoot Budget Airline, we can fly to Greece to run the world oldest marathon. www.athensmarathon.com
  9. I signed up for this charity run. It's good to support this cold charity run....and it is my small contribution to the society. :-) I hope sgrunners runnners give their support to this charity run.
  10. Is anyone going for TNF100 HK 2017? Http:// www.thenorthface100.com/
  11. EVENTS FULL MARATHON STARTS AT 8.00AM Distance 42.2km. This event is opened to all runners 18 years of age and over on Race Day. The start time is 8.00am - 1km south of the Royal Albatross Colony, Taiaroa Heads on the Otago Peninsula. Buses will depart between 6.15am and 6.30am from Race Headquarters, Sargood Centre Logan Park Drive. There will be NO EARLY STARTS and because of the time limit of 5 hours, all competitors are expected to complete the course by 1.00pm. We will not accept entries from anyone wanting to walk the Marathon (refer to "Course Details" for description and Map). HALF MARATHON STARTS AT 9.30AM Distance 21.1km. This event is open to all runners. For those over 12 and less than 16 years of age, written consent from a parent / guardian must accompany the Entry Form. The start at 9.30am will be in Logan Park Drive down from the Tennis Courts. (refer to "Course Details" for description and map) RECREATIONAL WALK STARTS AT 9.33AM Distance 21.1km. A reasonable level of fitness is required for those taking part in this section of the event and Age Limits apply ( see below ). No Running Will Be Allowed - If you intend to run you should enter the Half Marathon running section. The start at 9.33am will be in Logan Park Drive down from the Tennis Courts. (refer to "Course Details" for description and map). Quarter Marathon Run and Recreational Walk Start at 9.15am Quarter marathon, distance of 11.7k will start in Logan Park Drive down from the Tennis courts, run through Stadium carpack, under SH** onto Magnet St then follows the Walkway/Cycleway to Port Chalmers. AGE LIMITS The Full Marathon is open to all persons 18 years and over on race day. The Half Marathon Run and Recreational Walk is open to all persons, those over 12 and less than 16 years of age will require written consent from a parent / guardian and this must accompany their entry form. We will not accept any entries from those under the age of 12. TIME LIMIT It is important that all competitors are well prepared to take on the distance they have entered. To assist you please refer to Training Schedules. We have permission to conduct this event between 8.00am and 1.00pm. All competitors must complete the course by 1.00pm. No support will be provide after this time. PRIZES AND AWARDS FULL MARATHON (MEN,WOMEN AND MASTERS) 1st $700 Plus $250 ThermaTech Prize Pack 2nd $400 Plus $150 ThermaTech Prize Pack 3rd $200 Plus $50 ThermaTech Prize Pack MASTERS 1st $200 Plus $250 ThermeTech Prize Pack MASTERS 50+ 1st $200 Plus $250 ThermaTech Prize Pack HALF MARATHON (MEN, WOMEN AND MASTERS) 1st $500 Plus $250 ThermaTech Prize Pack 2nd $300 Plus $150 ThermaTech Prize Pack 3rd $200 Plus $50 ThermaTech Prize Pack MASTERS 1st $150 Plus $250 ThermaTech Prize Pack 2nd $100 Plus $150 ThermaTech Prize Pack 3rd $50 Plus $50 ThermaTech Prize Park Masters 50+ 1st $150 Plus $250 ThermaTech Prize Pack Masters finishing in a higher place of the Full Marathon or Half Marathon will be entitled to the Open prize if this exceeds the Masters prize. Half Marathon Recreational Walkers are eligible for Spot Prizes which will be draw at the Presentation Ceremony. http://www.dunedinmarathon.co.nz/race-entry ENTRY FEES ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE Full Marathon $75 Half Marathon $65 Discount for Registered Athletes $5 Recreational Walk $50 Late fee $30 T-Shirts $30 All entry fees are non-refundable Quarter Marathon Run $45 Quarter Marathon Recreational Walk $40
  12. Mok on track for SEA Games, finishes Top Asian in Christchurch Half-marathon june 4, 2017 by jedsenthil, posted in athletes Press Release by ONEathlete 4 June 2017 Mok Ying Ren finishes as Top Asian in Half-marathon held in Christchurch, New Zealand. Given a cold Sunday morning at about 7 degrees and some slight drizzle, Mok finished with a timing of 1:11:34. He also finished 8th overall. The feat was a good hard stroke, despite the demands of his medical profession, towards the lead up to SEA Games that will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 2017. The ASB Christchurch Marathon is held in conjunction with the annual Queen’s Birthday Weekend event . The event moved back to the central city in 2015, after rebuilding from its 2011 earthquake. The event was held at 8am local time (4am Singapore Time). Official results are available HERE. Mok Ying Ren is accompanied by Team Manager for Singapore Athletics Association (SAA), Jason Lawrence. “It always feel good to run in Chirstchurch, where I won my first international marathon in 2011. Competition is always good with the top kiwi runners in the mix. For me, my objective was to put in a hard effort in the build up towards the SEA Games in 2 months time and it turned out well. I had wanted it to be faster but it was still an overall a good run for me. The first 10km went well while I ran with a group of 5 kiwi runners but I could feel the fatigue from my marathon training creeping in after the half way mark. I managed to finish strong over the second half while running most of it alone. The conditions were challenging as it was cold and rainy making footing at some areas difficult. I’m looking forward to putting in another 2 months of hard training to prepare for the SEA Games. The support from sponsors, colleagues, and supporters have been very helpful to focus on the training itself” Mok is a Double SEA Games Gold Medallist and is managed by ONEathlete. He will be participating in his third SEA Games, later this year. Mok currently holds the half-marathon national record of 1:07:08 ran in January 2016 in Arizona, USA.
  13. Cameron Ultra Trail 2017 - 22 to 23 July

    Bus chartered by hey event: No Frills is planning to charter a bus to Cameron Highland for 25km/55km /100km runners only. Price is $85 and 30 participants as it is a Super-VIP bus for long distance. The bus will depart SG 10pm and ETA Tanah Rata Bus Terminal about Friday 6am. Sunday morning 10am departs Tanah Rata Bus Terminal and ETA SG 10pm. Hotel rooms/beds will not be arranged as some runners already reserved theirs when CU announced the 2017 race date. Those yet to do so can book themselves by Agoda or Hotel.com. This is truly no frills arrangement. We will confirm the bus and people after CU opens registration. First come first serve basis.