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  1. hey, thats a pretty fatbird top! can buy one or not? haha.
  2. I think Senza, Passion, Bug, renohtaram in the west (near mf) area too? hm, but the run is at ecp on sat morning. not sure who will be going for it.
  3. costner > yay! if you found transport, must bring me along! hahaha.
  4. anybody around the west who is heading down to the coming sat morning run at ecp?
  5. yes, no, we did during only. haha. only once, thankfully. she has evil plans for once every 1km the next time. tsk tsk. become interval training. LOL. and we saw you zooming past us real often!
  6. haha.. no worry, Lionel! My condition is in Safe Mode last nite, so could not really keep up with the rest too :tongue_smilie: . I hope u enjoyed the push-up session. Join us again next fri?? :He He: BTW, nice meeting you, Lionel! See ya around! WOAH. next friday ah. *thinks*
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