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  1. until
    Offical Website: https://www.marinarun.com.sg/
  2. K!m

    Valentine Run 2017

    Official Website: https://kgchaichee.wixsite.com/valentinerun2017
  3. until
    Officail Website: https://terryfoxrunsg.com/event/terry-fox-run-singapore-2017-1
  4. K!m

    Run for Hope 2017

    Official Website: http://www.runforhope.sg/
  5. “I cringe when people ask to run with me. I love running alone. It allows me to think. When I run with others, I always feel the need to socialize. Running isn’t social to me, it’s personal.” ~ Robert Herjavec (Runner’s World December 2015, p.114)

  6. Running by heart rate now.

  7. Which is worse: rain or haze?

  8. Pondering Quality over Quantity.

  9. NOT Giving Up!

  10. Not giving up.

  11. On the FIRST training program for marathon.

  12. Closed for Maintenance.

  13. Me still joining the FM until I can achieve my targeted timing.
  14. I believe it's the new registration pricing system that's the cause. i second that..... Half marathon slots have just been sold out according to their website.
  15. Don't quite understand the organizers. Don't tell me they ordered stocks first?Maybe they have MOQ with their manufacturers?
  16. On my way to gym and just signed up for FM under Priority+. Phew! So seems like no one stayed up at 0000hrs to register under Priority+
  17. Back to races this year but selectively.

  18. Taking a break from events this year.

  19. Hi, I have been layoff from running for one month due to injury. Need to get my SD training back on track. How do I join the team fatbird training? Just turn up at the location on the training day? Thanks!
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