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  1. Because you posted printed slip of confirmation is needed mah.
  2. Digital confirmation slip on phone is also acceptable.
  3. CSC Run by the Bay 2017 - 01 Oct (Sun)

    Target sub-4 for FM next.
  4. Otter Run 2017 - 3 Sep 2017

    Considering to start from there, run down Serangoon PCN and loop round Punngol PCN and back to home if it gets too messy.
  5. Otter Run 2017 - 3 Sep 2017

    Good lah. Easier for me to give up after 1st, 2nd or 3rd loop.
  6. Otter Run 2017 - 3 Sep 2017

    Should be originally catering to the team event people.
  7. Have some belief in Running Shots. With so so so many runners, you need to give some time for the volunteers to upload the photos. But for those top one percent finishers except those podium finishers, you may not find any photo of yourself.
  8. Salomon X-Trail Run 2017 - 4 Nov (Sat)

    I recalled receiving an e-mail informing that there will be no tnf100 this year. Instead, they will be the sponsors for the Green Race.
  9. Let's see feedback for Otter Run. 21k will flag-off at 0645hrs and at Punggol Park.
  10. Heaven was on their side. Imagine if 21k started at 7am and was hot then there will definitely be a lot of complaints.
  11. Salute to the Craze Ultra runners! Btw, what should one do when encounter stray dogs during this race especially at night? Walk or stop or....?
  12. Otter Run 2017 - 3 Sep 2017

    Last day of registration today and closing at 2359hrs!
  13. Race Against Cancer 2017 - 30 Jul (Sun)

    Already out. http://www.raceagainstcancer.org.sg/results---2017-race-against-cancer.html
  14. Race Against Cancer 2017 - 30 Jul (Sun)

    She already posted on Sunday le. http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/race-review-singtel-singapore-cancer-society-race-against-cancer-2017-15km/ Anyway, it had always been a well-organised race event.