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  1. Why run with an injury? ? Health is more important.
  2. Any idea if proof of result need to be from 2018/2019 races? Or can it be from 2017 races?
  3. Please STOP your nonsense postings.? "Who is the beneficiary for the Run? The beneficiary for the Run is the Yellow Ribbon Fund (YRF), which is in line with helping inmates and ex-offenders." https://www.yellowribbonprisonrun.sg/faq
  4. STOP it lah. Did she owe you money or what? You are spamming as well when you keep on posting about it. ?
  5. Do they change their route every year?
  6. I rather they tell me how many portaloos are available, how many bag deposit counters are available, what is the expected waiting time, etc. ?
  7. With the many medics, medical officers and safety rovers. I feel safer if I am unwell during the run.
  8. I'm not referring to the tighter security bag checks. ?
  9. No, no, no for me if need to run on the beach again.
  10. I don't feel he was asking for opinion, he's just wanted us to know that his birthday is on 4 Oct. Hehe...
  11. I feel safer to run in AHM compared to the other runs.
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